Friday, July 31, 2009

18,000 High Tech Positions Available

Liberals are complaining about not enough H-1B non-immigrant visas being issued to aliens inspite of 10% unemployment. Tata Consultancy Services, an H-1B dependant business with 18,000 H-1B alien employees in the U.S., that specializes in replacing American workers with aliens has filed no H-1B applications this year. Why, because USCIS is cracking down on fraud and Tata is afraid, very afraid. No applications from a company that only hires H-1B, in violation of various immigration and civil rights laws, means that the crackdown is highly effective and exposes the H-1B program for what it is, an immigration program designed to replace American workers with aliens. Tata threatens to replace their Indian H-1B workers with Canadians and Mexicans with TN visas, but there are not enough Canadians or Mexicans with the programing skills to do that. There are, however, plenty of under-employed or unemployed programers already in the U.S., the lowly American, who Tata hates and refuses to employ. TN visas are an empty threat, but Tata's racist business plan does not allow for Americans to work there.

What should happen is those 18,000 positions be opened to Americans.

(Illegal) Immigrant Of The Day

ILW, the website of the excrable American Immigration Lawyers Association, has declared an illegal alien their Immigrant of the Day.,0731-johnson.shtm The anonymous Alan, yeah, I don't believe it either as their are no Alans in Spanish, is the poster boy for the AILA sponsored Dream Act, an amnesty portrayed as for children of illegal immigrants, but really for illegal aliens up to 26 years old, who "serve" the country by just existing. Usually ILW names some obscure alien who is here legally, most of whom no one has ever heard of.,0729-siskind.shtm Though Narayan is only the Immigrant of the Week. I guess there aren't enough for a true daily Immigrant of the Day. Sometimes they name better known aliens, like Arnold Schwartezkennedy, but they usually have to scrape the bottom of the barrel and name a fellow immigration attorney.

However ILW breaks new ground with an illegal. Which tells us much about ILW and AILA. It tells us that they have nothing but contempt for the law and view the law in a Marxist sense, only of use to impose their values and interests on society, which for ILW and AILA is to destroy the country by replacing America with a corrupt multiculti tyranny of imprisoning white people for daring to oppose their agenda.

Of course there is no real thought put into Alan. He wasted an education at Harvard because he is unemployable here and his lack of connections in Mexico, and probably laughable, to a Mexican, Spanish language skills, make him unemployable in Mexico. His MECHA boy hatred of America also make him a poor addition to the U.S.
One should note that Mexicans have nothing but contempt for their compadres north of the border because they usually only speak family and welfare Spanish, with the vocabulary of a 6 year old. So, does that make "Alan's" mother the Worst Immigrant of the Day for imposing hatred and no future on her child?

Nippon Shows The Way

A Japanese city has taken the step of refusing to give pre-natal care to illegal aliens.

Three cheers, Hip hip hooray, Hip hip hooray, Hip hip hooray.

Or should I say Sonno Jo I (Revere the Emperor, Expel the Barbarian)?

NAMBLA Be Damned, At Least Momentarily

Suddenly the radical left is opposed to child rape. They usually support it, as NAMBLA is a big part of the homosexual privilidges and homosexual marriage lobby.

Just why is the left opposed to the Afghan police? Because they want the Taliban to win. Never mind that the Taliban also practices child rape.

The Fix Is In

Barak Hussein Obama's illegal alien aunt Zeituni Polly Onyango is happily back on welfare housing and undoubtedly food stamps, Supplemental Security Income, and cash welfare.
(h/t Michelle Malkin

She is also happy that the fix apparently is in. Her very expensive attorneys are quite optimistic: 'Mike Rogers, spokesman for the Cleveland, Ohio, law firm representing Onyango, said her attorneys are “not discussing legal strategy,” but, “they’re very optimistic about the outcome.”'

Why would they be optimistic? Auntie Zeituni has no legal basis to remain in the United States. She applied for political asylum and it was denied. The immigration judge in the case cannot overturn that decision, as it was made by the Board of Immigration Appeals. There is no basis for a new political asylum claim, as Obama has dozens of relatives in Kenya who have faced no violence. She failed to leave the U.S. after being ordered deported, but her case was mysteriously reopened, and reopened in a closed hearing. Her attorneys have demanded the next hearing also be closed.

The only reason for closed hearings would be that the government will make no argument to enforce the deportation order and allow the judge to issue a ruling in Auntie Zeituni's favor with no basis in law. Clearly that is what her attorneys are expecting. And that is what they will get.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hugh Hewitt's European Vacation

Hugh Hewitt just got back from a European vacation, or, more precisely, a tour of occupied Kosovo. Occupied by American troops for no reason other than preserving a proto-narcojihadist state in the heart of Europe. According to Hewitt, Kosovo is the most pro-American country in the world. They just love us there.

However, the truth is quite the opposite. The Muslim run Balkan states, Bosnia and Kosovo, are a haven for jihadis from all over the world.

This is just a reminder that one must trust but verify when listening to talk radio. Another reason to verify is another Hugh Hewitt tidbit.

I now know why Hewitt supports amnesty for illegal aliens. Remember back during the controversy over the proposed Bush amnesty, Hewitt stated that he supported amnesty, just not for criminals and terrorists. And that is because Hewitt just admitted that he invests in restaurants. Restaurants in the U.S. are one of the most significant employers of illegal aliens, especially those in southern California.

Hewitt also brags about his charitable work with taxpayer money providing free non-emergency medical care to all commers, including illegal aliens.

Do we really need these RINOs?

Someone should call up and ask Hewitt if the restaurant he invests in uses E-Verify.

Suicide By Parolee

Lily Burk, an Los Angeles dogooder liberal type, was murdered on July 24, 2009 by an hulking crazed career criminal parolee in a vicious black-on-white hate crime.,0,909475.story (h/t Patterico's Pontifications Lily Burk is dead because Charlie Samuel, a parolee, arrested on April 23, 2009, was not returned to state prison because liberals in the California legislature and Henry Louis Gates, Jr., think there are too many black men like Charlie Samuel in prison. The ACLU aided and abetted in this murder by seeking to restrict the policing of Skid Row where Lily Burk was kidnapped then murdered.

Lily Burk was also killed by her upbringing. She attended a typical brainless liberal high school who taught her that criminals, minorities, and bums are to be helped not avoided and feared. Lily Burk thought she was safe being a liberal, being that she was sensative and supported criminals and bums, but a criminal, a minority, a bum, a hater, killed her. She put herself in a stupid situation and paid the price. If her parents had taught her to be safe, avoid criminals, violent minorities, and bums, she might be alive.

What does that teach us about immigration. Well, the same thing. We are told that immigration has no cost, but immigration has both a monetary cost, but also a cost in human lives, American lives. and

Don't be the next Lily Burk. Suicide by parolee or by illegal alien agricultural worker is not painless.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Policy Not Being Enforced

Janet Reno Napalitano has made much about her new policy of concentrating limited DHS resources on criminal aliens. However, someone apparently did not get the memo, that someone being Shoumin Chai, a Chinese criminal with the proverbial rap sheet a mile long.,0,1155511.story (h/t Stein Report

Apparently the new standard of deporting criminals first, designed to thwart actual enforcement of immigration laws by a bait and switch, is not designed to deport alien criminals first. According to law, an alien with a criminal conviction must be detained. Now a Supreme Court decision says that can be 6 months maximum unless there is a likelyhood of an actual chance of deportation. However, if China is refusing to issue a passport for this criminal, then why not revoke the visas of Chinese officials until they cooperate?

So, either the Obama Regime is not enforcing the law and holding this criminal in custody or it is aquiesing to China's refusal to accept deportees. Either way it gives lie to the "New Enforcement Strategy" of Janet Reno Napalitano.

Suddenly Tough On Aliens

The Obama Regime has suddenly got tough on aliens. Not tough on Somali terrorists, they got an extension of the misnamed Temporary Protected Status while they continue with their Islamic terrorism. Not tough on Mexico for allowing so many illegals in the U.S. As a matter of fact, Mexico got tough on Canada, requiring Canadian diplomats to get visas to visit Mexico because Canada now requires that all Mexicans have visas to visit.

No, the Obama Regime got tough love for Hondurans with visas. (h/t doubleplusundead The Regime cancelled visas for certian Hondurans in their establishment who supported the impeachment and removal of Manuel Zelaya. The Obama Regime threatens to revoke even more visas of Honduran officials and their families.

Money quote: "State Department spokesman Ian Kelly did not identify the Hondurans whose visas were yanked, but he indicated that other officials also could have their visas revoked. He said U.S. authorities were reviewing the visas of all members of the current government and their dependents."

Now, the revocation of visas is a very powerful tool. The Jorge Bush Administration never used it against our enemies and their allies. Most of the Third World elite and their dependants have visas authorizing travel to the U.S., especially student visas for university education. Many of the Third World elite also illegally send their minor children to the U.S. to get free K-12 education. Revocation of visas is a grave blow to the prestige and travel opportunities for these officials. Of course it is being done by the Obama Regime to further the cause of Marxism in Latin America.

However, why have no other Adminstration ever used this power? When I worked at the late unlamented Immigration and Naturalization Service, the State Department would routinely claim that they could not revoke a visa, which, of course, was a lie. I would often try and get them to revoke visas or refugee status of criminal aliens and those using non-immigrant visas to live in the U.S. who had arrived in the U.S. in order to more easily remove those aliens. The State Department never acted, but they had the authority.

Think of what problems could have been solved by revoking the visas of recalcitrant foreign officials? Few know that most of the Iranian dictatorship send relatives to the U.S. to both live and get education at our universities. What if we cut off visas to Iranians? Imagine the pressure put on the dictators by their families who depend on traveling to the U.S.?

What if we cut off visas to Chinese? Imagine the pressure that hundreds of thousands of Chinese would put on the communist dictatorship if they lost out on their student and immigrant visas? We have enormous power that was not used after the Tiananmen Massacre or after the attack in the early Jorge Bush Administration on a U.S. Navy plane? Or open up Chinese markets to U.S. manufactured goods and demand that the Chinese protect U.S. intellectual property?

How about cutting off access to the U.S. by the Mexican elite? No more Sunday trips to the U.S. for SF 49ners games, shopping in San Diego or free medical care in Texas hospitals? We could easily force them to build a wall to stop illegal immigration by just threatening to cancel visas for the elite.

Cancelling visas held by the elite of Third World countries is a powerful weapon. Why don't we use it more often? Or more intelligently?

Paris Is Burning

As so is San Francisco and Berlin.,1518,638752,00.html (h/t No Pasaran

We know that the Muslims are doing it in France and local communists and Muslims are doing it in Berlin, but who is doing it in San Francisco? There is a large and radical Muslim community in San Francisco, aside from the moronic followers of Calypso Louie Farakan, mostly concentrated on a radical mosque on Sutter Street in the Polk Gulch neighborhood, The Yemeni Cultural Center. For some reason the small mosque has dozens of imams and attendants, all whom dress as if they just came from the Arab Penninsula with long beards, shaved heads and upper lips.

So who is immitating the arson attacks of Europe in San Francisco? Who is investigating these acts of terrorism? Where is Janet Reno Napalitano? Where is ICE? Where is the FBI? The FBI has agents in every KKK meeting? Why aren't they in this radical mosque?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The FBI broke another terrorism case recently. (h/t Holger Awakens

The case involved natural born citizens, naturalized citizens and a legal permanent resident. However, yet again, the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement were missing in action. The FBI press release mentions only the assistance of their Joint Terrorism Task Force, and, interestingly, the North Carolina fusion center, NCISAAC, the North Carolina Information Sharing and Analysis Center. DHS and ICE are conspicuously abscent from the press release.

Radical leftwing immigration attorneys claim as part of their opposition to the enforcement of immigration laws that ICE should ignore illegals and search for terrorists.,0721.shtm They claim that ICE's primary responsibility is terrorism. Of course, it is not, as the FBI has primary jurisdiction over terrorism.

However, Janet Reno Napalitano seems to think that ICE is responsible for terrorism. And is especially concerned about domestic terrorism by Americans.

But the above case shows that Janet Reno Napalitano isn't really concerned about terrorism if it is performed by Muslims. The same woman who warned us about returning veterans, gun owners, and Christians, did not warn us about this group of Muslims and their ilk. But in the above case, ICE had secondary jurisdiction, but did nothing in the investigation, or at least nothing enough to merit to have the FBI mention.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Violence Is Never Justified

But bongo drums in a church is? The New York Times had a long profile of George Tiller the baby killer in Wichita, KS.

The NYT abhors violence whether it is directed against the abortionist or the Islamist, but is always a big fan of violence against whites, kulaks, Ukranians, landlords, Christians, Misquito Indians, and people who worked in the World Trade Center, denziens of Ruby Ridge and Waco, etc.

The NYT also has a strange obsession with churches that support abortion and play bongo drums at service.

'Most members were already settled in the pews, but Dr. Tiller, an usher that morning, was greeting stragglers in the foyer by the sanctuary entrance. His wife was in the sanctuary where Pastor Michelson, beating a darbuka drum, was midway through an African song called “Celebrate the Journey!”'

Some strange kind of church, sort of like the Metropolitan Community Churches who worship anal intercourse between men.

But of all the things the NYT likes is a Christian who surrenders. Of one of the opponents of Tiller the Baby Killer, Mark Gietzen, said "Only after months of reading and praying, he said, did he conclude that violence could never be justified."

Never justified? Hhhmmm. Are you a pacifist? Perhaps, but that is not a Christian teaching. Not in accord with two centuries of Christian thought. No major Christian demonination, including the oldest, Catholic and Orthodox, much less Protestant, teach pacifism. The only Christian pacifists are those protected by other Christians bearing arms. I always noticed that the Amish and Quakers always live in well protected Christian countries, with militaries and police forces armed to the teeth.

But, back to the NYT. Interestingly enough a U.S. Border Patrol Agent was killed recently. I don't think the NYT will be writing a long profile of Robert Rosas. Or for that matter any of the soldiers killed under the Obama Regime in Afghanistan, because sometime pacifism is to be preached by the NYT, but not practiced when it is not politically feasible for their boy in the White House. There will be no long profiles of other cops killed in the line of duty, because according to the NYT's boy, da 5-0 be racist crakas, and stupid as well, just ask Sgt. Crowley.

Pacifism has its uses, but only to glorify baby killers. And when the next Waco and Ruby Ridge come along, the NYT will be forgetting its pious pacifism again.

A Victory

A hospital in Florida who helped an illegal alien return home was cleared of liability today. Martin Memorial Medical Center was at the center of a controversy of an illegal alien receiving unlimited free medical care at the expense of Americans who paid extra to subsidize his care. Greedy family members, such as cousin Montejo Gaspar, who was Luis Jiminez' legal guardian, refused to pay for any of the medical care but demanded that hard working Americans pay Gaspar for the privilidge of further subsidizing Jiminez' care in Guatamala.

But, radical left wing groups and Gaspar are out of luck and out of pocket for this attempt at robbing American consumers.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Right Again

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has released tape recorded conversations of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents ordering Maricopa County deputies to release illegal aliens.

Note that this is illegal and a violation of responsibilities of the ICE agents involved to faithfully execute their duties and a criminal violation of 8 USC 1324 Aiding and Abetting Illegal Aliens The agents also had a legal responsibility to arrest the aliens for obvious violations of 8 USC 1325, Entry Without Inspection.

Someone should call the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General at Department of Homeland SecurityAttn: Office of Inspector General245 Murray Drive, SW, Bldg 410, Washington, D.C. 20538, (202) 254-4100 / Fax: (202) 254-4285


the Tucson Field Office, Tucson, AZ 85741 at (520) 229-6420 / Fax: (520) 742-7192


Call the DHS OIG Hotline at (800) 323-8603

Fax DHS OIG Hotline at (202) 254-4292

Email DHS OIG at

Or write:

Department of Homeland Security
Washington, DC 20528
Attn: Office of Inspector General, Hotline

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Defacto Amnesty Begins

The Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Thursday refused to take custody of three illegal aliens detained by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. This is part of Janet Reno Napalitano and the Obama Regime's policy of defacto amnesty for illegal aliens. ICE spokesmen offered contradictory statements, first claiming that MCSO released the aliens unbenonst to them:

"'The determination to release these individuals lies solely within the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office,' said Homeland Security spokesman Matthew Chandler. 'ICE officials gave permission to the MCSO 287(g) officer to question the individuals and had no other engagement.'”

Then DHS claimed that the arrests were in violation of the new DHS policy of only arresting some illegal aliens:

"Homeland Security spokesman Chandler said Thursday that ICE would evaluate the immigration arrests during the sweep, but ICE would 'only concur with those arrests if they further the agency’s priority to identify and remove criminals and other aliens who pose a risk to public safety.'”

However, DHS and ICE don't have the authority to pick and choose what illegal aliens they arrest. As federal employees they are bound by the law and cannot pick and choose which laws they enforce and whom they enforce them on.

In fact it is non-feasance, which on the ICE Table of Penalties, is a disiplinary offense.

Someone should call the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General. It is their responsibiility to investigate misconduct like this.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Thanks Kay Bailey Hutchinson

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson, RINO-TX didn't like the border fence with Mexico. She supports illegal immigration. Illegal immigration is more important to her than the lives of Americans, especially U.S. Border Patrol Agents.

If there had been a 2000 mile double fence USBP Agent Robert Rosas would be alive today. But Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson doesn't care about that. Illegal immigrants are what she cares about.

As I Predicted

Beds are being cleared at the United States Prison, Florence, CO, home of the Administrative Maximum section for high security prisoners. Why are beds being cleared, why for the Muslim terrorists that Obama wants in the U.S. and

As I predicted, Obama and his nutty Attorney General Eric Holder, who both hate America with a special passion, want us transformed into a Muslim dictatorship. Bringing the leaders of the Jihad to the U.S. is his first step.

Bringing terrorists here and holding them under the jurisdiction of radical left wing judges is the first step. Obama's plan is for judges to release the uncharged terrorists. Since they are not deportable, they will remain. Since they are not deportable, they cannot be held in custody more than six months.

Obama is planning for the terrorists to be released eventually, attracting every Muslim fanatic to the U.S. The terrorists will eventually receive the amnesty than Obama is also planning. So, this first step is but one on the eventual plan to having the Gitmo detainees voting Democrat in a few years.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Why Is Medical Care So Expensive

Baraka Hussein Obama says medical treatment and health insurance are too expensive. And here is why:,2933,534502,00.html?test=latestnews (h/t American Patrol

An illegal alien, Luis Jimenez, was paralyzed in an automobile accident. After years in a hospital, he returned to his home. A distant relative, Montejo Gaspar, is sueing the hospital for helping the illegal alien return home. Gaspar is sueing on behalf of someone with whom he has for no practical purpose any connection, and standing to profit by it. While Jiminez is now in Guatamala, how can Gaspar be called his legal guardian, when it is Jiminez' mother and wife who are providing care? And just what is wrong with Guatamalen hospitals? And the care he is receiving now? The Guatamalen government said it could care for him. Who is Gaspar to challenge Guatamalen medical care?

The article claims that Jimenez was deported. Not so, only the government can deport someone. Paying for someone's flight home is not a deportation. Jiminez was not forced to leave. And if Gaspar is Jiminez' legal guardian, why wasn't he paying for Jiminez' care? Obviously Gaspar is only interested in profiting from his cousin's tragedy.

And the radical left, who are funding this lawsuit, seeks to both bankrupt private hospitals and force all of us into government rationed healthcare, as well as providing free care to every alien in the world who can sneek in.

Letting Everyone Know

It has been said that it is better to let people think you are stupid than to open your mouth and confirm the fact. It appears that alot of people of color are not following that advice. The late great affirmative action professor Henry Louis Gates has done it, exposing his stupidity and racist chip on his shoulder:

Baraka Hussein Obama has done it saying that the cop involved was stupid, then retreating:

The evil and twisted looking Ismael Reed has done it, claiming that Michael Jackson was murdered:

Why is it that some people just advertise their 85 average IQ, consequently confirming what we all think?

Stop The Presses

It appears that someone at the Department of Homeland Security U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is doing their job and doing it well. (h/t Stein Report

Denials of petitions for H-1B working visas and withdraw of applications for visas are at record levels. Fraud is being uncovered and cheaters are being forced to raise wages for Americans and hire Americans.

Gee, can there be anything wrong with that? Stand-by for whining by the Wall Street Journal, Indian outsourcing executives, and racist liberals.

More Lies From DHS

The Department of Homeland Security, along with a communist run community organizing group and illegal alien lobby, Police Executive Research Forum, met at a resort in Arizona using your tax dollars.
(h/t Stein Report

The high point was the illegally hired and not confirmed by the Senate, Border Czar, Alan Bersin, stating that enforcement tactics would change:

"Alan Bersin, President Barack Obama's border czar, assured police administrators that a transformation is under way in Homeland Security.

Bersin said the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement is shifting its focus to workplace violation rather than immigrant roundups.

However, he concluded that enforcement is likely to remain schizoid 'until there is a reform of immigration law that is acceptable to the American people.' "

Bersin just flagrantly lied. There were no roundups of illegal aliens. As a matter of fact the Jorge Bush Administration stopped any attempt by the Border Patrol to round up illegal aliens. The Bush Administration relied exclusively on employment related enforcement.

Just how is the Obama Regime of Czars going to enforce the law if it doesn't arrest illegals? Perhaps by doing nothing.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mexican Owned Newspaper Upset

The New York Times, mostly owned by a Mexican monopoly tycoon, Carlos Slim, is again upset that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is arresting illegal aliens. (h/t CIS The Benjamin Cardoza School of Law Immigration Justice Law Clinic reviewed Notices To Appear for a number of illegal aliens arrested in the New York region and, along with some pet law enforcement political appointees, concluded that ICE should not be arresting illegal aliens. Of course, like Henry Louis Gates, the pack of leftist lawyers and a hack pseudo-cop, Nassau County Police Commissioner Lawrence W. Mulvey, who is obsessed with cowboy hats, he doesn't like them, and was upset when in 2007 ICE rounded up some illegal aliens and gang bangers and one of the ICE agents wore a cowboy hat. According to Mulvey, wearing a cowboy hat is menacing and racist.

While the toady Mulvey babbled on and on in the above report about the need for arrest and search warrants, he concluded that the raids on illegal alien residences should be a last resort. A last resort because he doesn't want too many illegals arrested. It does not occur to him that a persons home is where that person is most likely to be found. He also said that ICE agents misidentified themselves as police.

Mulvey was also upset that arrests in Connecticut were performed by ICE agents who enjoy their job.

But the real purpose of this report is that the law school and Mulvey don't like immigration law and think that the borders should be open to all. The first clue in the story is this line:

"The raids were supposed to focus on dangerous criminals, but overwhelmingly netted Latinos with civil immigration violations who happened to be present, the study said."

Interesting that the NYT left out the fact that the "dangerous criminals" are also Latino. Or didn't they read the outstanding arrest warrants of deportation absconders? They are mostly Latino, as are the rest of illegal aliens in the U.S. For the same reason that the NYT and Mulvey call immigration laws racist is the fact that most illegals are Latino as are most of the absconders that ICE was looking for. Mulvey seemed obsessed that other illegals besides those on the arrest warrants are arrested. I wonder if his officers while investigating one crime, like burglary, ignore evidence of other crimes that are found during a burglary investigation? Should murders be let go if a detective investigating rape discovers the evidence for murder? Do Mulvey's deputies on traffic patrol ignore evidence of other crimes during a traffic stop? Obviously not, and Mulvey is either a moron or just doesn't want immigration laws enforced.

It must also be pointed out to Mulvey, that all federal law enforcement officers and agent are trained to identify themselves as police. Why, because police is a universally understood work, very similar in pronunciation in many languages. For instance: French: police, Spanish: policia, Portuguese: policia, German: polizei, etc. Everyone understands it and the person hearing it knows that a person with law enforcement authority is present.

Mulvey also claims that arrest and search warrants were needed. Well, first there were arrest warrants for the deportation absconders, but no warrant is needed to arrest an alien unlawfully present. Second, a search warrant is not necessary if the person gives consent. But I bet every search performed by Nassau County deputies have written consent? I don't think so. All you need is verbal consent or even silently acquiescing to the question by not saying no or refusing entry.

It is a common practice by law enforcement all over the country to ask a persons permission to enter their house or search their person, then taking the action if the don't refuse. Or better yet, asking them an exaggerated question, such as: You don't have any bombs, rocket launchers or weapons do you? As most people don't have those things, and deny it, the officer then asks: You don't mind then if I search you for a rocket launcher do you? You just said you didn't. And the usual response of most people, even if they have something else they should not have, like drugs or a pistol or false documents, they agree to the search. The clever thing is to ask an exaggerated question that the suspect can deny, but then can't reasonably deny a search for those outlandish items. The second tactic is the knock on the door and request entry when the door is answered. But you ask while walking in. Once in, most will not ask you to leave and acquiesce to the entry.

ObamaCare For The World

It appears that ObamaCare will now include aliens who live outside the U.S. and they will not be required to pay the 2.5% tax for not having private coverage. See pages 168-170 of the new House bill,
America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009. (h/t Atlas Shrugs

It now appears that any alien in the world will qualify for ObamaCare. That will get expensive.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chief Mau Mauer

Henry Louis Gates, the most prominent affirmative action hire at Harvard University had a little problem recently. He got arrested. Gates claimed that he was trying to enter the house and then that there was a problem with the door as it had been broken into recently. He curiously did not claim that he lost his key, which is the usual reason one has a problem entering ones home. Most people would call a locksmith, but perhaps Gates wanted to prove his 'hood creds and break in. But this does not explain the mysterious second black man. Perhaps Gates is on the downlow, not that there is anything wrong with that. But that would explain his hostility to the cops. Gates might have been protecting his rep with the brother, as black people this year voted overwhelmingly against homosexual marriage in California. But that is neither here nor there.

Gates has been in decline lately, along with his fellow pseudo-intellectuals, Ismael Reed, Cornell West, John Hope Franklin, and Spike Lee. Franklin's recent death was interesting for its lack of celebration by the typical white liberal crowd. But these professional mau-mauers had been eclipsed by buffoons like Al Sharpton, violent rappers, and thugs athletes like Michael Vick.

Just how to get back into the spotlight? How about pander to stereotypes or break into your own home? That is what the black Gates did. Why did he do this? Because he has been eclipsed by the thug athlete, the thug rapper, and the effeminate singer in public eye of white America. Gates and his ilk were on the way out. West was relieved of his duties at Harvard for his lack of academic merit. Gates was stunned and demanded that West be reinstated, but Harry Summers, who once had a spine, refused. Presently Summers has no spine and is a flack for Baraka Hussein Obama, serving as the house efete intellecutoid for a half white man.

Since the eclipse of the black pseudo-intellectual by the rapper, athlete, thug culture, and the failure of the attempt to mau mau Harvard over L'Affaire West, Gates needed to get back in the game. Interestingly enough he got no offers from the Obama Regime.

However, an incident today guided me to Gates' plan for a comeback. A black attorney and federal law enforcement officer in my agency was loudly commenting today about L'Affaire Gates. He of the unaccredited law school and an out-of-state law license, stated that he first he would have refused to present the police with identification. Then he said that he would present the cops with ID, but continue on his attempt to enter the house without the benefit of a key. Of course, that is a one way ticket to a set of esposas. (Spanish lingo for handcuffs.) But then he said an interesting thing. He wanted to be arrested as that would ensure him lots of money from a lawsuit.

While my colleague is an attorney, he did got to a communist run unaccredited law school, the late, unlamented New College of San Francisco. That is their speciality, suing government on behalf of people of a determinate color. Of course, he was not thinking it through, as once the court and the jury found out the was on the job as we say in the profession, and on NYPD Blue, he would have been held to a different standard. A standard of reasonableness. So, Special Agent So And So, why did you not cooperate with your fellow law enforcement officers...............

Methinks that my esteemed collegue was counting his proverbial chickens before they hatched. Gates, however, with his mau-mauing experience, did not have to consider that. He was just the oppressed black academic of the mid-six figures salary and a free house. He was thinking of the man who had eclipsed him, the esteemed Reverend Al Sharpton, of the Twana Brawley Incident. Gates was going to rejuvinate his flagging career and popularity. How, by playing the oppressed black man in a racist Amerikkka! And make some money to pay for his little boys on the down low, or perhaps the drugs that he was buying that day from the mysterious black man that has yet to be identified. Undoubtedly the esteemed Professor Gates of the Black Studies Department had a better chance than my colleague at winning a law suit. He will probably use the money to get a remodel curtesy of PBS and This Old House.

I don't know, but I do now that Gates is the proverbial father of Dear Leader Baraka Hussein Obama, still mau mauing the white folk.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Refugee Fraud

It appears that Nepalese expelled from Bhutan and living in Nepal now qualify for refugee status, and all the welfare that entails. (h/t Refugee Resettlement Watch

Our asylum laws say that only those who cannot go elsewhere can qualify for refugee status in the United States. It appears now that the Obama Regime, like Clintong and Jorge Bush Administrations before it. How is it that a Nepalese flees Bhutan back to Nepal, then qualifies for refugee status in the U.S.? The refugee and asylum programs are a complete fraud. Whether it is Somali families where no one is related, Mexican homosexuals, Salvadoran gangbangers, our refugee and asylum laws are being abused by lying liberals and dangerous and welfare dependant aliens.

The Refugee Act of 1980 was written because Jimmy Carter ordered two Russian sailors who fled their ship docked in the U.S. to be placed back on their ship. They were eventually executed back in Russia by Carter's communist friends. The Act was not designed to protect homosexuals, criminals or fraudsters. It was basically designed to protect those fleeing communism. However it is being abused even by Mexicans fleeing crime. At least some of those are being denied. But I still don't understand how 60 Mexicans a year qualify for asylum. Lets see how long this lasts.

Gary Locke, Overseas Chinese

Huáyì is the word in the Chinese language that refers to Chinese ethnics living outside of China. While it usually refers to those of Chinese descent, regardless of citizenship, language, or loyalty, it does, in fact, mean that China claims the loyalty of all of those persons who are of Chinese ethnicity or descent. Gary Locke, the crook who was once governor of Washington and helped perpetrate the stolen election of his successor, Christine Gregoire, who was elected by votes of persons who use Seattle City Hall as their address of record and who cannot be found since they voted.

Locke announced recently that white Americans will have to pay China to comply with carbon emissions restrictions. (h/t Michelle Malkin

Just as China claims the loyalty of its expatriates and their descendants, so has Locke adhered to that demand from China. Like Bill Clintong, who accepted money from Chinese generals, it appears that Locke is also the beneficiary of Chinese largess. But more importantly, as a white hating liberal, Locke regards non-whites as superior, and the Chinese to be the most superior of all.

It appears that the myth of global warming will be a two-fer winner for China. Obama will drive all industry from American shores and to China. And Americans will then pay China for the cost of any pollution controls that China deigns to accept on the industries that flee to China.

And just why is Locke such a toady for China? First, he is Chinese, and like Mexican immigrant politicians in the U.S. such as One Bill Gill Cedillo of the California State Assembly whose sole purpose in life is to make life easier for illegal immigrants from Mexico, he is more loyal to his ethnicity than the country of his birth. Chinese are notorious for the cultural xenophobia, always refering to any foreigner as a barbarian, and Locke thinks that Americans are barbarians to be exploited for his motherland. Second, as a leftist, hating America is the sin qua non of the radical left. America is the world criminal, filled with white racist Christian gunowners who only exist to pay eternally for their sins of being white, racist, Christian and gunowners. There can be no other explanation for the foolish policy of paying China to take our industry and then allow them to continue to pollute with carbon emissions. It appears that to Locke carbon emissions are not bad, just white American carbon emissions. Either Locke doesn't believe the global warming hype or it just matters on who is doing the carbon emitting. Perhaps carbon emitted by Chinese is not as bad for the planet.

Illegals To Be Covered By ObamaCare

The Demoncrats have voted to allow illegal aliens to use the new government option in the healthcare legislation. (h/t Gateway Pundit

Not directly voting for illegals, but just voting to prohibit any requirement that enrollees in the new government option verify their identities. This is similar to amendments to SCHIP that prohibit the verification of names and Social Security numbers for those who enroll in that program.

This will enable illegal aliens to enroll and use the government option at rates subsidized by the taxpayer. Combine this with coverage open to all aliens lawfully admitted, then every alien in the U.S. will get free or subsidized healthcare from the taxpayers.

Terrorists Coming Soon

Activist liberals judges have acted to allow a terrorist supporter to enter the U.S. (h/t Atlas Shrugs

The case of Tariq Ramadan was a symptom of the incompetance of the Bush Administration. Ramadan, not Swiss, but an Egyptian who obtained a Swiss passport, he is no more Swiss than I am and actually less, is an open terrorist supporter who is a front man and fellow traveler for Islamic terrorists. Like the fellow travelers of yore, he moves in the liberal circles of the western intelligencia, part of the Kultursmog, and is a front man for the Muslim Brotherhood and their terrorist offshoots like Hamas and Al Queda; giving an intellectualoid smiley face to Sharia law.

The Bush Regime State Department initially gave the terrorist sympathizer with an H-1B non-immigrant working visa for the tenured position of Henry R. Luce Professor of Religion, Conflict and Peacebuilding at the Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, at the University of Notre Dame. Itself a shocking precursor to the honorary degree given to Baraka Hussein Obama by the Notre Dame as Ramadan was an open hater of the west and front for radical Islam and the imposition of Sharia Law on Muslims and non-Muslims. Treacherous to think that the Holy Cross fathers have betrayed the faith and Christianity, but they and Notre Dame ceased being Catholic a long time ago.

It is also symptomatic of our broken immigration system that Notre Dame can claim that there was no American with academic credentials to hold such a minor and undemanding academic position. There are tens of thousands of Americans with PhDs in religion, peace studies, and comparative religion. Did Notre Dame do a search for an American for that position? I doubt it, but the records for their labor petition are not available. It is also important to note that there is an unlimited number of H-1B visas for non-profit and academic institutions, even though there is a huge surplus of PhDs in this country. More interestingly, Ramadan received a tenured position with Notre Dame without any time teaching at Notre Dame or any other major university. He was in fact a political activist and not a scholar or instructor of any import. It was certainly strange for Notre Dame to give a tenured, lifetime, position to someone on an H-1B visa that is restricted to six years total. Most likely Ramadan was going to use the H-1B visa to eventually obtain legal permanent residency and then American citizenship. His usefulness to radical Islam in Europe was ending as he was prohibited from entering France and Switzerland was starting to aggressively push back against radical Islam under the leadership of the Swiss Peoples Party. It would be very clever for Al Queda's highest profile apologist to get American citizenship, giving him freedom to move throughout the world unhindered and to be protected by the U.S. government from criminal prosecution for his support for terrorism, especially in Israel.

Now, back to the Bush Administration incompetence. Just how did this terrorist supporter get a visa in the first place. Thank Colin Powell, the house negro of radical Islam. Perhaps the most ignorant man in the world, Powell was a closet supporter of Islam, just like Baraka Hussein Obama. Ramadan did not qualify for any visa, but it was approved at the highest level of the State Department after skating through the almost non-existent protections for American workers that the Department of Labor and the State Department are supposed to enforce. However, Ramadan failed the security check for the visa, but Powell intervened to issue the visa, which it was.

However, the issue became public and the State Department was forced to revoke the visa because the Department of Homeland Security stated that it would not admit Ramadan because he was a supporter of terrorism and had provided material support, donations, to terrorist front groups on the Treasury Department's list of terrorist supporters.

Ramadan then applied for a B-1/2 visa, a visa for business and tourism, which was not issued. This was clearly an attempt to enter the U.S. and begin a legal campaign to have those provisions of the Patriot Act that prevent the entry of terrorist supporters from entering the U.S. as Ramadan coordinated his application with the ACLU and NYCLU. The Bush Administration under Secretary of State Condolezza Rice refused to make a decision on his second visa application, again, because of the Bush Administration incompetence and an ideological commitment by Rice to accommodating the front groups for radical Islam, undoubtedly due to an incompetent and failing policy in Iraq before the surge.

Using the lack of a decision, the ACLU and NYCLU filed suit to order the State Department to first make a decision, then to issue a visa. This is the most important part of this issue, as radical immigration groups have for years been seeking to bring visa issuing decisions under the control of the judiciary. As of now, there is no appeal for a visa denial and to date an alien outside the U.S. has had no right to judicial review. The ACLU wants to change that, and they are using novel legal theories, undoubtedly supported by Sonya Sotomayor, thank you very much Lindsey Graham.

That is why aliens want to get to the U.S. because once here they can use the courts to their benefit to avoid deportation. In this case, Ramadan would use the courts to review an adjustment of status application to H-1B from B-1/2 if it were denied. What is curious is that he could have entered the U.S. on the visa waiver program, unless he was on the no-fly list. Once at a U.S. Port-of-Entry he could also have used a claim of political asylum to remain in the U.S. while he pursued his claims in the courts. Perhaps the fact that he would have lost a political asylum claim is why he did not use the visa waiver program available to Swiss passport holders.

And now we have it, a pack of radical leftists on the Second Circuit have stated that consular decisions are now reviewable, despite the fact that the law says they are not. The leftists are hoping that the Obama Regime does not appeal and will start allowing more terrorists into the U.S. which is likely as the Obama Regime and Eric Holder wanted to allow Gitmo terrorists into the U.S. despite the laws that prohibit terrorists from entering the U.S.

The important part of this story though is the above mentioned incompetence of the Bush Administration. Because of its story line that Islam is a religion of peace, it caught itself in a series of contradictions. There are no Muslims who believe that Islam is a religion of peace, but believe and practice a religion of hate and war, just like Ramadan, who to this day refuses to condemn the execution of people for adultery and homosexuality. However, because of an incompetantly run Iraq War, the Bush Administration was desparate to appear moderate on the issue of Islam, so was appealing to Jihadi front groups like CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood to help it against Al Queda. However that was doomed, as the front groups are filled with terrorist sympathizers like Ramadan. So Bush was deparate to find moderate Muslims but just could not find them. Once they latch on to one, he is exposed as Ramadan was as a Jihadi sympathizer or supporter. Another part of the Bush Administration's incompetance is that Ramadan was denied the second visa for his monitary contributions to front groups, not for his open and public support for radical Islam and terrorism. The Bush Administration took half measures when it should have openly and forthrightly stated that Ramadan was a terrorist supporter. It is not as if Ramadan's support was hidden, it was in the open and public, but the Bush Administration was never a defender of its beliefs or at least the basis for the laws that keep out terrorist supporters, just as it never defended itself from ideological attack from the left and the Demoncrats. It seemed to just hope that problems would go away, as it hoped that Ramadan would go away. One can say that the Bush Administration was like an ostrich, hiding its head in hope that problems go away. However this one is coming back to bite us, as the courts have now announced a novel Constitutional and legal claims to review the decisions affecting aliens outside the U.S. Something never done before and prohibited by law.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Free AIDS Care For New Immigrants

The Department of Health and Human Services has announced that it will take AIDS and HIV off the list of diseases of threats to public health that prohibit aliens from entering the U.S. (h/t American Patrol HHS denies that someone with AIDS is a public health threat, but AIDS is still rampant in the drug using and homosexual communities and is still spread with abandon by those communities. San Francisco still has sex clubs where AIDS is spread publically and public sex events such as the Up Your Alley public sex event and the Folsom Street Fair where homosexuals openly have condomless sex. WARNING: Graphic protrail of current AIDS spreading homosexual acts in public.

While the fact that AIDS was a reason to prohibit entry of aliens with AIDS, it was actually not enforced. Aliens at Ports of Entry are not asked if they have AIDS even if it is obvious and many with AIDS publically state they are infected, but they are not prohibited from entering the U.S. An unofficial policy prohibited enforcing the part of the Immigration and Nationality Act that prohibited aliens with AIDS. Obviously that was illegal and unconstitutional, but neither Bush or Clintong cared about the Constitution. Under the Clintong Regime and the Bush Administration, the law prohibiting aliens with AIDS was just not enforced. Both supported bringing more people with AIDS to the U.S.

Not only will those aliens with AIDS spread the disease to persons who did not previously have it, but they will incure hundreds of millions of dollars of health costs that will be born by American taxpayers. The Centers for Disease Control estimated that the first 4,000 aliens with AIDS will cost $94 million, and that is obviously underestimated and not including the fact that the new healthcare plan that includes all aliens will cover their costs.

Even though these AIDS infected aliens are a public health threat, the Newspeak bureaucrats at HHS will be imposing a dire public health threat upon the U.S. Just another part of the Obama plan to destroy the U.S. and have straight white Christians pay for their destruction.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Shape Of Things To Come

Paris is burning, or, more correctly, the suburbs of Paris are burning, as usual. Around July 14, Muslim immigrants celebrate Bastille Day by burning cars and fighting with the police. and

While the stories identify "youths", they are in fact Muslims and immigrants. And they are not just burning cars on Basille Day. They have destroyed the town center of Firminy, burning not just cars, but businesses as well. (h/t Brussels Journal

This is our future with massive immigration. While Hispanic immigrants are not as violent as the Muslim "youth" of France, Hispanics do dominate gangs and drug smuggling in the U.S. However, we are also importing tens of thousands of violent and dangerous Muslims. A third Somali "youth" who immigrated to the U.S. has been killed while fighting jihad in Somalia. And more Somali immigrants have been indicted for the support of terrorism in Minnesota.

How long before the alienated Somali "youth" and other Muslims in the U.S start their rioting and terrorism in the U.S. 9/11 was committed by Muslims from outside the U.S., but our home grown problem will soon exclipse the treat of foreign flight school students, as we will have plenty of high school students who will be killing, burning and bombing their way through the U.S.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Opening The Floodgates

The Obama Regime has decided to open the floodgates to fraudulent claims of asylum for women who claim to have been abused.

The Bush Administration, in its typical incompetant way, never rejected the claim abused women as asylum applicants. In its typical muddling way tried to have it both ways, give abused women asylum, but make it difficult.

Whether real or fraudulent, a victim of a crime has no claim to live in the U.S. and receive a welfare check. That is what asylum is really about. Most who claim asylum come to the U.S. with fraudulent claims and do so just to get generous welfare and medical benefits, and usually turn to crime while here. Asylum applicants are common participants in welfare fraud, drug dealing, and other smuggling and fraud schemes. Russian asylees are notorious for organized crime activity, Laotians are lifelong welfare dependants, Columbians routinely use asylum claims as part of their drug smuggling.

In any event, most claims of asylum are fraudulent. As your read this, the same fraudulent claims by Indians and Romanians are still being approved by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in their San Francisco Asylum Office.

Under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), illegal aliens are allowed to get legal permanent residency when they claim they were abused by their spouse. They are not required to present any evidence other than noterized statements from themselves, friends or relatives claiming the abuse, which USCIS makes no efforts to verify. No police report or prosecution of the perpetrator is necessary. VAWA established the standard of no evidence for residency and that will extended to asylum claims based on abuse. These new standards for asylum will also end the deporation of any woman to a third world country. All she will have to do is claim that she will be abused either there or here, and she gets legal permanent residency. She can even remain in a relationship with the person who abused her and her abuser will also get residency under VAWA.

Now, just expand that to all the world. Every woman in the world can claim she was abused and will not be required to present any evidence. In asylum hearings no evidence is required, just the word of the alien. And USCIS makes no effort to root out fraud, even though they have full time fraud investigators. Those investigators are prohibited from making any serious attempt to prevent fraud. They are just window dressing.

Again, this opening of the asylum floodgates by the Obama Regime has one purpose, the bringing of millions of aliens to the U.S. to vote for the Demoncrat Party, and, by the way, help expand nationalized healthcare, as all those claiming asylum or protection under VAWA currently qualify for free medical care and will also qualify under the Kennedy Dodd Act.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Union Thugs Torpedo Another Company

Hartmarx, previously known as Hart Schaffner & Marx, has gone bellyup. Worn by Obama because they were the last union clothier in the US, they are now dead because they were a union clothier. Just like GM, Chrysler, and NUMMI, unions have killed American industry. I hope their kidneys fail and they die a horrible painfull death as punishment for their sins against American industry.

Monday, July 13, 2009

I Always Knew This

It is official, Hemingway as a dirty commie. I knew this since high school because all the little commie wannabee lesbian literature teachers in my high shcool were as well.

Exhibit 1

Lake County Sheriff's Office is Exhibit 1 for explaining why Janet Reno Napalitano recently changed the 287(g) agreements that provide training and assistance to local law enforcement agencies enforce immigration law.,0,538321.story (h/t CIS LCSO is also Exhibit 1 in why local agencies are being denied training by Janet Reno Napalitano under the 287(g) provision. (h/t American Patrol

Lake County Sheriff Gary Borders is just doing too good a job. Like Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Sheriff Borders, is showing up the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement. LCSO has arrested more illegal aliens in Lake County than ICE has in its history. That embarasses the feds and shows the nation that an agressive enforcement policy is effective at rooting out illegal aliens. Janet Reno Napalitano's purpose as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security is not to enforce the laws of the U.S., every day of which she is shown up by just two county sheriffs. Both sheriffs arrest more illegal aliens in their respective states than does ICE. Commericials from the 70s said it was not nice to fool mother nature, but in the 21st century it is not NICE ( to expose the haridan Janet Reno Napalitano for the liar that she is. Janet Reno Napalitano's goal is not arresting illegal aliens, but allowing as many as possible to remain for the upcoming amnesty. Every thing she does is to one mind, amnesty for as many as possible.

Like Sheriff Arpaio, Sheriff Borders has falsely been accused of racial profiling. No matter that there are very few white illegal aliens to arrest, as most illegal aliens come from one country, Mexico, and 99% come from non-white countries, facts matter little to the radical left with an agenda against immigration law enforcement. Undoubtedly, Sheriff Borders will be the next target of the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice, who don't want to do their real job, but prefer instead to harass law enforcement in the U.S. I wish Sheriff Borders well. It would be better we have him at DHS or ICE than Napalitano or John Morton respectively.
It is apparent to me that John Morton, the "career" prosecutor, was the type of prosecutor who spent his career avoiding prosecutions and casework, spending his him managing his career and connections, rather than putting dirtbags in prison. In any event, ICE has said that its program of cooperation with local law enforcement does not cause racial profiling, not that there is anything wrong with that.

How about Joe Arpaio as DHS Secretary and Gary Borders as head of a combined ICE/CBP, maybe call it Immgration and Customs Service, in the upcoming Palin Administration?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Price Of An Illegal

Delia Godinez has a good deal. She gets paid $1,150.00 a month, not including Section 8 housing assistance, for being an illegal alien.,0,3398621.story (h/t Stein Report Multiply this illegal by the three million in California and we start to add up to real money.

Great work if you can get it. Here is her attitude tword the taxpayers of California: "Without the aid, the unemployed Godinez said, she wouldn't be able to provide for her family. She is studying English and hopes one day to open a business and get off welfare. 'I don't want to be my whole life with that help,' she said."

Not much chance of her getting off welfare and getting a job if she is illegal. She has no husband, but five children, most likely she will be having a few more. She is on welfare for life. The State of California knows she is illegal, ICE knows she is illegal, but no one, especially Janet Reno Napalitano, who only wants to arrest every white Christian gun owner in the country.


Janet Reno Napalitano took action yesterday to end the effectiveness of 287(g) the section of Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRAIRA) of 1996 that was once used by local law enforcement agencies to be trained in and initiate removal proceedings against illegal aliens that the law enforcement agency encounters in the normal function of their local law enforcement activities. In a deliberate swipe at local agencies that were arresting illegal aliens and initiating removal proceedings in the course of enforcement of misdemeanors and infractions, Janet Reno Napalitano ended that practice. Now illegal aliens who have been arrested by local agencies will have to be fully proscuted for the minor offenses before removal proceedings can be initiated.

It is wasteful of government resourses to prosecute a criminal suspect for minor offenses for which they would not receive much or any jail time if they can be more easily deported. Most misdemeanors and infractions usually result in only fines and probation or sentences less than a year. It it much wiser to remove that person from the U.S. than to try and get a small fine or a short probation sentence.

This new policy will result in few illegals removed from the U.S., discourage local agencies from participating in 287(g), and allow more illegal aliens to remain in the U.S. for the upcoming amnesty.

In a flagrant lie, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Deputy Secretary John Morton, who never made an arrest in his life, said "allows us to better utilize the resources and capabilities of our law enforcement partners across the nation." Which is demonstably not true. The capacities and resources of local law enforcement will not be better used, but used less and ineffectively against illegal immigration.

The new standards are also a clear attack on Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, who on a yearly basis, arrest more illegal aliens in Maricopa County than ICE.

It appears that ICE's new acronym should be NICE, No Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Ending 287(g)

Janet Reno Napalitano announced today that she was effectively ending the 287(g) section of the the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRAIRA) of 1996. This section of the Act allowed for training in immigration enforcement of local law enforcement agencies and their ability to present cases to the Executive Office for Immigration Review of removeable aliens without assistance from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The announced intent of the change in regulations that would prohibit the use of enforcement authority unless the local agency was going to follow through with criminal charges. However, the real intent was to discourage the use of 287(g) authority, as most agencies used the authority on predominately, but not exclusively, on minor crimes committed by illegal aliens. Most illegals are encountered by local agencies for for major crimes, like murder or robbery, but for minor offenses, especially traffic offenses. This is why 287(g) has been so effective in localities like Maricopa County under Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Using his inherent authority and 287(g) authority, he has arrested more illegal aliens in Maricopa County than ICE has since its inception in 2003. It makes no sense for a local agency to pursue prosecution of minor crimes committed by illegal aliens since most traffic and misdemeanor offenses are punished by fine or probation. It is much more cost efficient to remove the alien than go through the expense of prosecution when the potential punishment is so insignificant.

John Morton, Undersecretary for ICE, a man who never before managed a law enforcement agency or made an arrest, gave it away. Here is the money quote:

'The 287(g) program is an essential component of DHS’ comprehensive immigration enforcement strategy,” said ICE Assistant Secretary John Morton. “The new agreement strengthens ICE’s oversight of the program and allows us to better utilize the resources and capabilities of our law enforcement partners across the nation.” ' Which is actually a lie. It actually will utilize the resources and capacities of local law enforcement less. It will result in fewer aliens arrested and removed. Which is the Obama Regime's purpose, arresting adn removing fewer illegal aliens, so that they will remain in the U.S. and be available for the upcoming amnesty.

CNN Suddenly Concerned About Fake Vets

CNN, 10 months after the election, is suddenly concerned about fake veterans from the Liberation of Iraq and their political impact. (h/t No Pasaran!

This sudden concern about fraud in the Demoncrat Party that was the base of Baraka Hussein Obama's campaign alliance with George Soros, Code Pink, International Answer, and other communist front organizations is less than genuine and obviously designed to protect CNN's image that is suffering from exposure as Obama Regime lapdogs.

What can patriots do about this? Not much so far as CNN goes, but the pale imitators at the big three networks can be punished. How about outlawing network ownership of affiliates. This should be the first goal of the Republican Congress of 2010.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Janet Reno Napalitano, Still Missing In Action

The Obama Regime claims that arresting illegal alien criminals is their top priority, at least those illegal aliens who commit crimes other than immigration related crimes. But, again the Department of Homeland Security and their lesbian leader, Janet Reno Napalitano, was missing from the latest roundup of illegal alien gangmembers.,,0,120576.story, and (h/t American Patrol

Reviewing the press releases and stories, DHS and Immigration and Customs Enforcement was again notoriously abscent from participation in the largest roundup of gangbangers in Los Angeles' history. LA is notorious as a sanctuary city and has the largest population of illegal aliens of any metropolitan area. The FBI, the lead agency on an investigation where ICE should have been the lead or at least the major partner of the FBI, snubs ICE in their press release by giving special mention to many law enforcement agencies participating in the round up, but significantly omits ICE, only mentioning ICE as part of the local High Intensity Drug Trafficing Task Force. It is clear that ICE was not interested in participating in this investigation, as too many illegal aliens would have been arrested, harming plans for the Obama Regime amnesty for as many illegals as possible. Some say that there is no push on from the Obama Regime for amnesty, but all of the Obama Regime actions point to amnesty; the end of immigration enforcement, no nationwide E-Verify, attacks on local law enforcement agencies arresting illegals, and expanding socialized healthcare to illegals.

Its coming, guarenteed.

Not A Hate Crime

Another case of black on white violence that is not classified as a hate crime. (ht Atlas Shrugged and Pat Dollard

If the races had been reversed, the Obama Regime would have deployed at least 100 FBI agents and attorneys from the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division. However, as Attorney General Eric Holder said, hate crimes laws do not protect whites, Christians, heterosexuals, or the military, just as the Obama Regime argued in the recent Ricci Supreme Court case where the racist Sonya Sotomayor was reversed.

While real hate crimes are being committed and not agressively investigated by the local police, one of the alleged reasons for the new hate crimes law, the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice is spending millions investigating Sheriff Joe Arpaio for arresting illegal aliens.

I can state with authority that the CRD is biased and unethical. I worked closely with a CRD attorney before and he bragged about how much he hated cops. That attorney also stated that all the other attorneys in the CRD were the same. And they are all liberal Democrats. While CRD pursues local cops with abandon for non-existant crimes, they ignore their real responsibility. I was involved in case where a federal law enforcement officer kidnapped a teenager using his federal badge and authority, but the CRD refused to participate in the investigation and prosecution. Undoubtedly because there was no ideological impetus in this case, unlike attacking Sheriff Arpaio, who, by the way, arrests more illegal aliens every year in Maricopa County, where tens of thousands of illegal aliens live and tens of thousands more transit through to elsewhere in the U.S., that Immigration and Customs Enforcement have ever arrested in the county.

Mexico's Newest Export

Mexico's newest export is hot young girls smuggling cocaine to satisfy the needs of the Cocaine Sniffer in Chief. (h/t Hot Air Another benefit from living next door to a third world cleptocracy. And they want to give amnesty to these people?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Slight of Hand

Janet Reno Napalitano announced today that the Obama Regime supports E-Verify, the federal website that verifies authorization to work in the U.S., and the effort by some in Congress to require all federal contractors to use E-Verify.

However, buried at the end of the press release was the real news; news that the Obama Regime isn't really interested in catching illegal aliens by using E-Verify.

Here is the money quote:

"DHS will be proposing a new regulation rescinding the 2007 No-Match Rule, which was blocked by court order shortly after issuance and has never taken effect. That rule established procedures that employers could follow if they receive SSA No-Match letters or notices from DHS that call into question work eligibility information provided by employees. These notices most often inform an employer many months or even a year later that an employee’s name and Social Security Number provided for a W-2 earnings report do not match SSA records—often due to typographical errors or unreported name changes. E-Verify addresses data inaccuracies that can result in No-Match letters in a more timely manner and provides a more robust tool for identifying unauthorized individuals and combating illegal employment."

What Janet Reno Napalitano was not telling you was that E-Verify is only used at the time of hire and on new employees. By revoking the No-Match Rule, the Obama Regime is openly telling those employers who have already hired illegal aliens that they will be protected from prosectution and telling the illegal aliens that are already here that they may remain here until the planned Obama Regime amnesty.

The press release is further disingenuous by claiming that: " These notices most often inform an employer many months or even a year later that an employee’s name and Social Security Number provided for a W-2 earnings report do not match SSA records—often due to typographical errors or unreported name changes."

However, while some errors are due to typographical errors and name changes, they are not a significant source of mismatches between Social Security numbers as reported to the IRS and Social Security Administration. The main and overwhelming source of mismatched Social Security numbers is the employment of illegal aliens. Additionally, tens of thousands of illegal aliens use the Social Security Number 000-00-0000 on their pay records, reporting and with-holding. For those illegal aliens already employed, they will be caught by a mis-match report, but not by E-Verify, as, again, E-Verify is only used at initial hiring. It is prohibited to use E-Verify on already hired employees.

So, like a game of Three-Card Monty, Janet Reno Napalitano has distracted us from the goal of E-Verify, stopping employment of illegal alien labor, and implemented a program designed to maintain the status quo of illegal alien labor until the next amnesty. Perhaps we should start calling her Tricky Dick Napalitano.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Where Is The FBI?

Over the weekend, Muslim thugs acting under color of law violated the civil rights of a small group of Christians in Dearbornistan, MI. (h/t Gateway Pundit The FBI and the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department are charged with preventing violations of the rights of persons in the United States to practice their religion and their freedom of speech. On a public street, Muslim thugs physically attacked and forced the group of Christians to flee for their safety. The Dearbornistan Police Department refused to take action under laws of the State of Michigan to protect the right of the Christians to peaceable assemble, practice their religion, and to speak freely. The Dearbornistan Police Department in colusion with the criminal actors refused to provide the protection of the laws of the State of Michigan and discriminated on the basis of religion in the enforcement of the laws of the State of Michigan.

From the Civil Rights Division's website describing the CRD's responsibility:

Hate Crimes:
18 U.S.C. § 241, 18 U.S.C. § 245 and 42 U.S.C. § 3631) -- Violent and intimidating acts of racial, ethnic and religious hatred that interfere with federally protected rights, such as housing, employment, voting, and public services.

In the attack on Chrisitians, Muslim thugs violated the rights of Christians to travel on publicly funded and maintain streets and roads. Christians, as well as other Americans, have the right to also peaceable assemble and petition their government. The right of travel and peaceable assembly was violated by those Muslim thugs.

Official Misconduct:

(18 U.S.C. § 241, 18 U.S.C. § 242) -- Intentional acts by law enforcement officials who misuse their positions to unlawfully deprive individuals of constitutional rights, such as the right to be free from unwarranted assaults, illegal arrests and searches, and theft of property.

The Dearbornistan Police Department, when provided with a complaint and satisfactory evidence, failed to execute the laws of the State of Michigan in a non-discriminatory manner and discriminated against Christians based on their religion in the enforcement of the laws of the State of Michigan. The State of Michigan outlaws assault and battery on an individual.

In violation of the above acts, Muslims attacked Christians and the Dearbornistan Police Department refused to act, allowing through its refusal to act, the civil rights violations to occur.

Interference with Religious Beliefs:

(18 U.S.C. § 247) -- Violent conduct targeting religious houses of worship, usually involving the arson of churches or synagogues.

Furthermore, in violation of 18 USC 247, to wit, TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 247
(a) Whoever, in any of the circumstances referred to in subsection (b) of this section--
...... or
(2) intentionally obstructs, by force or threat of force, any person in the enjoyment of that person's free exercise of religious beliefs, or attempts to do so; shall be punished as provided in subsection (d).

Here we have clear and recorded on videotape civil rights violations by the Dearbornistan Police Department and the thugs of the Arabfest Organization acting under color of authority, uniformed and identified security personnel acting in public on public property under the authority of the City of Dearbornistan.

Where is Eric Holder? Interestingly he was lobbying for more civil rights laws, but refused to enforce civil rights laws in this case.

It is not surprising that Holder did not act, as he thinks that civil rights laws do not apply to Christians.

Under Title 43 USC 1873 all of the above are civily liable for civil rights violations. Where is the Civil Rights Division.

Just think if the event had been Whitefest and the protestors had been black? Well every FBI agent in the U.S. would have been flown to Dearbornistan and every white person involved would have been arrested and imprisoned without opportunity for bail. The Civil Rights Division would have sent out dozens of attorneys to indict and sue every white person involved.