Friday, July 31, 2009

18,000 High Tech Positions Available

Liberals are complaining about not enough H-1B non-immigrant visas being issued to aliens inspite of 10% unemployment. Tata Consultancy Services, an H-1B dependant business with 18,000 H-1B alien employees in the U.S., that specializes in replacing American workers with aliens has filed no H-1B applications this year. Why, because USCIS is cracking down on fraud and Tata is afraid, very afraid. No applications from a company that only hires H-1B, in violation of various immigration and civil rights laws, means that the crackdown is highly effective and exposes the H-1B program for what it is, an immigration program designed to replace American workers with aliens. Tata threatens to replace their Indian H-1B workers with Canadians and Mexicans with TN visas, but there are not enough Canadians or Mexicans with the programing skills to do that. There are, however, plenty of under-employed or unemployed programers already in the U.S., the lowly American, who Tata hates and refuses to employ. TN visas are an empty threat, but Tata's racist business plan does not allow for Americans to work there.

What should happen is those 18,000 positions be opened to Americans.

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