Friday, July 24, 2009

As I Predicted

Beds are being cleared at the United States Prison, Florence, CO, home of the Administrative Maximum section for high security prisoners. Why are beds being cleared, why for the Muslim terrorists that Obama wants in the U.S. and

As I predicted, Obama and his nutty Attorney General Eric Holder, who both hate America with a special passion, want us transformed into a Muslim dictatorship. Bringing the leaders of the Jihad to the U.S. is his first step.

Bringing terrorists here and holding them under the jurisdiction of radical left wing judges is the first step. Obama's plan is for judges to release the uncharged terrorists. Since they are not deportable, they will remain. Since they are not deportable, they cannot be held in custody more than six months.

Obama is planning for the terrorists to be released eventually, attracting every Muslim fanatic to the U.S. The terrorists will eventually receive the amnesty than Obama is also planning. So, this first step is but one on the eventual plan to having the Gitmo detainees voting Democrat in a few years.

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