Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chief Mau Mauer

Henry Louis Gates, the most prominent affirmative action hire at Harvard University had a little problem recently. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090722/ap_on_re_us/us_harvard_scholar_analysis He got arrested. http://www.amnation.com/vfr/Police%20report%20on%20Gates%20arrest.PDF Gates claimed that he was trying to enter the house and then that there was a problem with the door as it had been broken into recently. He curiously did not claim that he lost his key, which is the usual reason one has a problem entering ones home. Most people would call a locksmith, but perhaps Gates wanted to prove his 'hood creds and break in. But this does not explain the mysterious second black man. Perhaps Gates is on the downlow, not that there is anything wrong with that. But that would explain his hostility to the cops. Gates might have been protecting his rep with the brother, as black people this year voted overwhelmingly against homosexual marriage in California. But that is neither here nor there.

Gates has been in decline lately, along with his fellow pseudo-intellectuals, Ismael Reed, Cornell West, John Hope Franklin, and Spike Lee. Franklin's recent death was interesting for its lack of celebration by the typical white liberal crowd. But these professional mau-mauers had been eclipsed by buffoons like Al Sharpton, violent rappers, and thugs athletes like Michael Vick.

Just how to get back into the spotlight? How about pander to stereotypes or break into your own home? That is what the black Gates did. Why did he do this? Because he has been eclipsed by the thug athlete, the thug rapper, and the effeminate singer in public eye of white America. Gates and his ilk were on the way out. West was relieved of his duties at Harvard for his lack of academic merit. Gates was stunned and demanded that West be reinstated, but Harry Summers, who once had a spine, refused. Presently Summers has no spine and is a flack for Baraka Hussein Obama, serving as the house efete intellecutoid for a half white man.

Since the eclipse of the black pseudo-intellectual by the rapper, athlete, thug culture, and the failure of the attempt to mau mau Harvard over L'Affaire West, Gates needed to get back in the game. Interestingly enough he got no offers from the Obama Regime.

However, an incident today guided me to Gates' plan for a comeback. A black attorney and federal law enforcement officer in my agency was loudly commenting today about L'Affaire Gates. He of the unaccredited law school and an out-of-state law license, stated that he first he would have refused to present the police with identification. Then he said that he would present the cops with ID, but continue on his attempt to enter the house without the benefit of a key. Of course, that is a one way ticket to a set of esposas. (Spanish lingo for handcuffs.) But then he said an interesting thing. He wanted to be arrested as that would ensure him lots of money from a lawsuit.

While my colleague is an attorney, he did got to a communist run unaccredited law school, the late, unlamented New College of San Francisco. That is their speciality, suing government on behalf of people of a determinate color. Of course, he was not thinking it through, as once the court and the jury found out the was on the job as we say in the profession, and on NYPD Blue, he would have been held to a different standard. A standard of reasonableness. So, Special Agent So And So, why did you not cooperate with your fellow law enforcement officers...............

Methinks that my esteemed collegue was counting his proverbial chickens before they hatched. Gates, however, with his mau-mauing experience, did not have to consider that. He was just the oppressed black academic of the mid-six figures salary and a free house. He was thinking of the man who had eclipsed him, the esteemed Reverend Al Sharpton, of the Twana Brawley Incident. Gates was going to rejuvinate his flagging career and popularity. How, by playing the oppressed black man in a racist Amerikkka! And make some money to pay for his little boys on the down low, or perhaps the drugs that he was buying that day from the mysterious black man that has yet to be identified. Undoubtedly the esteemed Professor Gates of the Black Studies Department had a better chance than my colleague at winning a law suit. He will probably use the money to get a remodel curtesy of PBS and This Old House.

I don't know, but I do now that Gates is the proverbial father of Dear Leader Baraka Hussein Obama, still mau mauing the white folk.

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