Saturday, July 18, 2009

Free AIDS Care For New Immigrants

The Department of Health and Human Services has announced that it will take AIDS and HIV off the list of diseases of threats to public health that prohibit aliens from entering the U.S. (h/t American Patrol HHS denies that someone with AIDS is a public health threat, but AIDS is still rampant in the drug using and homosexual communities and is still spread with abandon by those communities. San Francisco still has sex clubs where AIDS is spread publically and public sex events such as the Up Your Alley public sex event and the Folsom Street Fair where homosexuals openly have condomless sex. WARNING: Graphic protrail of current AIDS spreading homosexual acts in public.

While the fact that AIDS was a reason to prohibit entry of aliens with AIDS, it was actually not enforced. Aliens at Ports of Entry are not asked if they have AIDS even if it is obvious and many with AIDS publically state they are infected, but they are not prohibited from entering the U.S. An unofficial policy prohibited enforcing the part of the Immigration and Nationality Act that prohibited aliens with AIDS. Obviously that was illegal and unconstitutional, but neither Bush or Clintong cared about the Constitution. Under the Clintong Regime and the Bush Administration, the law prohibiting aliens with AIDS was just not enforced. Both supported bringing more people with AIDS to the U.S.

Not only will those aliens with AIDS spread the disease to persons who did not previously have it, but they will incure hundreds of millions of dollars of health costs that will be born by American taxpayers. The Centers for Disease Control estimated that the first 4,000 aliens with AIDS will cost $94 million, and that is obviously underestimated and not including the fact that the new healthcare plan that includes all aliens will cover their costs.

Even though these AIDS infected aliens are a public health threat, the Newspeak bureaucrats at HHS will be imposing a dire public health threat upon the U.S. Just another part of the Obama plan to destroy the U.S. and have straight white Christians pay for their destruction.

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