Monday, July 20, 2009

Gary Locke, Overseas Chinese

Huáyì is the word in the Chinese language that refers to Chinese ethnics living outside of China. While it usually refers to those of Chinese descent, regardless of citizenship, language, or loyalty, it does, in fact, mean that China claims the loyalty of all of those persons who are of Chinese ethnicity or descent. Gary Locke, the crook who was once governor of Washington and helped perpetrate the stolen election of his successor, Christine Gregoire, who was elected by votes of persons who use Seattle City Hall as their address of record and who cannot be found since they voted.

Locke announced recently that white Americans will have to pay China to comply with carbon emissions restrictions. (h/t Michelle Malkin

Just as China claims the loyalty of its expatriates and their descendants, so has Locke adhered to that demand from China. Like Bill Clintong, who accepted money from Chinese generals, it appears that Locke is also the beneficiary of Chinese largess. But more importantly, as a white hating liberal, Locke regards non-whites as superior, and the Chinese to be the most superior of all.

It appears that the myth of global warming will be a two-fer winner for China. Obama will drive all industry from American shores and to China. And Americans will then pay China for the cost of any pollution controls that China deigns to accept on the industries that flee to China.

And just why is Locke such a toady for China? First, he is Chinese, and like Mexican immigrant politicians in the U.S. such as One Bill Gill Cedillo of the California State Assembly whose sole purpose in life is to make life easier for illegal immigrants from Mexico, he is more loyal to his ethnicity than the country of his birth. Chinese are notorious for the cultural xenophobia, always refering to any foreigner as a barbarian, and Locke thinks that Americans are barbarians to be exploited for his motherland. Second, as a leftist, hating America is the sin qua non of the radical left. America is the world criminal, filled with white racist Christian gunowners who only exist to pay eternally for their sins of being white, racist, Christian and gunowners. There can be no other explanation for the foolish policy of paying China to take our industry and then allow them to continue to pollute with carbon emissions. It appears that to Locke carbon emissions are not bad, just white American carbon emissions. Either Locke doesn't believe the global warming hype or it just matters on who is doing the carbon emitting. Perhaps carbon emitted by Chinese is not as bad for the planet.

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