Thursday, July 9, 2009

Janet Reno Napalitano, Still Missing In Action

The Obama Regime claims that arresting illegal alien criminals is their top priority, at least those illegal aliens who commit crimes other than immigration related crimes. But, again the Department of Homeland Security and their lesbian leader, Janet Reno Napalitano, was missing from the latest roundup of illegal alien gangmembers.,,0,120576.story, and (h/t American Patrol

Reviewing the press releases and stories, DHS and Immigration and Customs Enforcement was again notoriously abscent from participation in the largest roundup of gangbangers in Los Angeles' history. LA is notorious as a sanctuary city and has the largest population of illegal aliens of any metropolitan area. The FBI, the lead agency on an investigation where ICE should have been the lead or at least the major partner of the FBI, snubs ICE in their press release by giving special mention to many law enforcement agencies participating in the round up, but significantly omits ICE, only mentioning ICE as part of the local High Intensity Drug Trafficing Task Force. It is clear that ICE was not interested in participating in this investigation, as too many illegal aliens would have been arrested, harming plans for the Obama Regime amnesty for as many illegals as possible. Some say that there is no push on from the Obama Regime for amnesty, but all of the Obama Regime actions point to amnesty; the end of immigration enforcement, no nationwide E-Verify, attacks on local law enforcement agencies arresting illegals, and expanding socialized healthcare to illegals.

Its coming, guarenteed.

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