Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kabuki Theater Immigration Enforcement

There are tens of thousands of employers in the United States. The employers of illegal aliens are all well know to the IRS and Social Security Administration. The SSA has a list of huge employers most of whose employees use invalid or stolen Social Security numbers. However, the Obama Regime Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement, are going through a stylized pantomime of enforcing the immigration laws of the United States.!d9&pId=HeOHCWXaPRs=&acn=zj!d9 and

Six hundred employers of various sizes, instead of selecting the most egregious offenders, will go through the inconvinience of the inspection of their employee records. This practice could be effective, but John Morton, the new head of ICE, a man with no immigration enforcement experience, has adopted a policy that could be effective, but is deliberately not. While the companies are alleged to be selected based on intelligence from the field, in fact, the selectees are not the most flagrant violators, but random victims of a non-enforcement strategy. In years gone by, auditing I-9 forms held by employers was an effective tool, but seldom used. Now, inspecting I-9 forms is not really necessary, because using databases from the IRS and SSA, can provide the same results, identifying illegal aliens, quite quickly and without having to send anyone to the offending company's place of business.
All aspects of an investigation and the subsequent enforcement can take place from behind a desk.

However, the Obama Regime has decided to waste millions in a physical review of minor offenders on-location records with a view of a long and costly criminal prosecution of the offending employer. However, as the articles point out, the employer has an out if he does not use E-Verify. Any document presented by an illegal alien must be accepted at face value or the employer faces the wrath of the communists at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, charge with racial discrimination. As I said before, efforts to convict employers are either long and drawn out or ultimately unsuccessful, and dependant on an agressive United States Attorney.

Since the Obama Regime is hostile to E-Verify, all the above action will be for naught, and might just result in the Obama Regime giving out employment authorization to the illegals themselves, as they did in the Yamato Engine case.

So, it appears that Mark Krikorian shares my view that this is the prelude to amnesty. Glad to see he has come over to my position now.

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