Thursday, July 23, 2009

More Lies From DHS

The Department of Homeland Security, along with a communist run community organizing group and illegal alien lobby, Police Executive Research Forum, met at a resort in Arizona using your tax dollars.
(h/t Stein Report

The high point was the illegally hired and not confirmed by the Senate, Border Czar, Alan Bersin, stating that enforcement tactics would change:

"Alan Bersin, President Barack Obama's border czar, assured police administrators that a transformation is under way in Homeland Security.

Bersin said the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement is shifting its focus to workplace violation rather than immigrant roundups.

However, he concluded that enforcement is likely to remain schizoid 'until there is a reform of immigration law that is acceptable to the American people.' "

Bersin just flagrantly lied. There were no roundups of illegal aliens. As a matter of fact the Jorge Bush Administration stopped any attempt by the Border Patrol to round up illegal aliens. The Bush Administration relied exclusively on employment related enforcement.

Just how is the Obama Regime of Czars going to enforce the law if it doesn't arrest illegals? Perhaps by doing nothing.

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