Thursday, July 2, 2009

No Ham Sandwiches In Burlington County

An illegal alien reckless driver, Jose Luis Galindo-Sanchez, killed Amy Voorhees in Burlington County, NJ. Interestingly enough the County Prosecutor, Robert D. Bernardi, was no billed when he presented the case to the Grand Jury. Now, as I have said before, a good prosecutor rules the Grand Jury and can indict a ham sandwich if he needs to. The only reason to be no billed, e.g. have the Grand Jury decline to indict upon presentation of evidence, is that the prosecutor did not want an indictment. Usually, what a prosecutor does before a Grand Jury is to seek an indictment, not just present evidence and let the Grand Jury decide. A Grand Jury is usually presented with evidence, witnesses, then given an indictment for them to review and vote on. A Grand Jury is not just presented with evidence and witnesses and asked if they think an indictment is necessary, they are presented with an indictment as a fait acompli. It is sort of like your boss asking, it is not a question, it is a suggestion, or a demand, depending on how diplomatic the prosecutor is.

The only reason not to get an indictment is that the prosecutor doesn't want an indictment. This is common in police shooting cases, where the prosecutor suggests to the jury that they should no bill. It appears that this happened here. In this case Bernardi appears to be on the side of an illegal alien. Why, perhaps Burlington County is a sanctuary. A sanctuary for reckless drivers. More blood of Americans spilled on the streets. I guess Bernardi likes to see that. Either that or he could not indict a ham sandwich.

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