Thursday, July 9, 2009

Not A Hate Crime

Another case of black on white violence that is not classified as a hate crime. (ht Atlas Shrugged and Pat Dollard

If the races had been reversed, the Obama Regime would have deployed at least 100 FBI agents and attorneys from the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division. However, as Attorney General Eric Holder said, hate crimes laws do not protect whites, Christians, heterosexuals, or the military, just as the Obama Regime argued in the recent Ricci Supreme Court case where the racist Sonya Sotomayor was reversed.

While real hate crimes are being committed and not agressively investigated by the local police, one of the alleged reasons for the new hate crimes law, the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice is spending millions investigating Sheriff Joe Arpaio for arresting illegal aliens.

I can state with authority that the CRD is biased and unethical. I worked closely with a CRD attorney before and he bragged about how much he hated cops. That attorney also stated that all the other attorneys in the CRD were the same. And they are all liberal Democrats. While CRD pursues local cops with abandon for non-existant crimes, they ignore their real responsibility. I was involved in case where a federal law enforcement officer kidnapped a teenager using his federal badge and authority, but the CRD refused to participate in the investigation and prosecution. Undoubtedly because there was no ideological impetus in this case, unlike attacking Sheriff Arpaio, who, by the way, arrests more illegal aliens every year in Maricopa County, where tens of thousands of illegal aliens live and tens of thousands more transit through to elsewhere in the U.S., that Immigration and Customs Enforcement have ever arrested in the county.

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