Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Opening The Floodgates

The Obama Regime has decided to open the floodgates to fraudulent claims of asylum for women who claim to have been abused.

The Bush Administration, in its typical incompetant way, never rejected the claim abused women as asylum applicants. In its typical muddling way tried to have it both ways, give abused women asylum, but make it difficult.

Whether real or fraudulent, a victim of a crime has no claim to live in the U.S. and receive a welfare check. That is what asylum is really about. Most who claim asylum come to the U.S. with fraudulent claims and do so just to get generous welfare and medical benefits, and usually turn to crime while here. Asylum applicants are common participants in welfare fraud, drug dealing, and other smuggling and fraud schemes. Russian asylees are notorious for organized crime activity, Laotians are lifelong welfare dependants, Columbians routinely use asylum claims as part of their drug smuggling.

In any event, most claims of asylum are fraudulent. As your read this, the same fraudulent claims by Indians and Romanians are still being approved by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in their San Francisco Asylum Office.

Under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), illegal aliens are allowed to get legal permanent residency when they claim they were abused by their spouse. They are not required to present any evidence other than noterized statements from themselves, friends or relatives claiming the abuse, which USCIS makes no efforts to verify. No police report or prosecution of the perpetrator is necessary. VAWA established the standard of no evidence for residency and that will extended to asylum claims based on abuse. These new standards for asylum will also end the deporation of any woman to a third world country. All she will have to do is claim that she will be abused either there or here, and she gets legal permanent residency. She can even remain in a relationship with the person who abused her and her abuser will also get residency under VAWA.

Now, just expand that to all the world. Every woman in the world can claim she was abused and will not be required to present any evidence. In asylum hearings no evidence is required, just the word of the alien. And USCIS makes no effort to root out fraud, even though they have full time fraud investigators. Those investigators are prohibited from making any serious attempt to prevent fraud. They are just window dressing.

Again, this opening of the asylum floodgates by the Obama Regime has one purpose, the bringing of millions of aliens to the U.S. to vote for the Demoncrat Party, and, by the way, help expand nationalized healthcare, as all those claiming asylum or protection under VAWA currently qualify for free medical care and will also qualify under the Kennedy Dodd Act.

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