Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Paris Is Burning

As so is San Francisco and Berlin.,1518,638752,00.html (h/t No Pasaran

We know that the Muslims are doing it in France and local communists and Muslims are doing it in Berlin, but who is doing it in San Francisco? There is a large and radical Muslim community in San Francisco, aside from the moronic followers of Calypso Louie Farakan, mostly concentrated on a radical mosque on Sutter Street in the Polk Gulch neighborhood, The Yemeni Cultural Center. For some reason the small mosque has dozens of imams and attendants, all whom dress as if they just came from the Arab Penninsula with long beards, shaved heads and upper lips.

So who is immitating the arson attacks of Europe in San Francisco? Who is investigating these acts of terrorism? Where is Janet Reno Napalitano? Where is ICE? Where is the FBI? The FBI has agents in every KKK meeting? Why aren't they in this radical mosque?

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