Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Suddenly Tough On Aliens

The Obama Regime has suddenly got tough on aliens. Not tough on Somali terrorists, they got an extension of the misnamed Temporary Protected Status while they continue with their Islamic terrorism. Not tough on Mexico for allowing so many illegals in the U.S. As a matter of fact, Mexico got tough on Canada, requiring Canadian diplomats to get visas to visit Mexico because Canada now requires that all Mexicans have visas to visit.

No, the Obama Regime got tough love for Hondurans with visas. (h/t doubleplusundead The Regime cancelled visas for certian Hondurans in their establishment who supported the impeachment and removal of Manuel Zelaya. The Obama Regime threatens to revoke even more visas of Honduran officials and their families.

Money quote: "State Department spokesman Ian Kelly did not identify the Hondurans whose visas were yanked, but he indicated that other officials also could have their visas revoked. He said U.S. authorities were reviewing the visas of all members of the current government and their dependents."

Now, the revocation of visas is a very powerful tool. The Jorge Bush Administration never used it against our enemies and their allies. Most of the Third World elite and their dependants have visas authorizing travel to the U.S., especially student visas for university education. Many of the Third World elite also illegally send their minor children to the U.S. to get free K-12 education. Revocation of visas is a grave blow to the prestige and travel opportunities for these officials. Of course it is being done by the Obama Regime to further the cause of Marxism in Latin America.

However, why have no other Adminstration ever used this power? When I worked at the late unlamented Immigration and Naturalization Service, the State Department would routinely claim that they could not revoke a visa, which, of course, was a lie. I would often try and get them to revoke visas or refugee status of criminal aliens and those using non-immigrant visas to live in the U.S. who had arrived in the U.S. in order to more easily remove those aliens. The State Department never acted, but they had the authority.

Think of what problems could have been solved by revoking the visas of recalcitrant foreign officials? Few know that most of the Iranian dictatorship send relatives to the U.S. to both live and get education at our universities. What if we cut off visas to Iranians? Imagine the pressure put on the dictators by their families who depend on traveling to the U.S.?

What if we cut off visas to Chinese? Imagine the pressure that hundreds of thousands of Chinese would put on the communist dictatorship if they lost out on their student and immigrant visas? We have enormous power that was not used after the Tiananmen Massacre or after the attack in the early Jorge Bush Administration on a U.S. Navy plane? Or open up Chinese markets to U.S. manufactured goods and demand that the Chinese protect U.S. intellectual property?

How about cutting off access to the U.S. by the Mexican elite? No more Sunday trips to the U.S. for SF 49ners games, shopping in San Diego or free medical care in Texas hospitals? We could easily force them to build a wall to stop illegal immigration by just threatening to cancel visas for the elite.

Cancelling visas held by the elite of Third World countries is a powerful weapon. Why don't we use it more often? Or more intelligently?

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Brittanicus said...

As our rights are infringed upon by our own government, Americans and those here legally will never benefit from a decent health care plan, owing to the abomination called ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. By an Act in United States Congress passed in 1986, Hospital and ambulance services must provide care to anyone needing emergency treatment in spite of citizenship, legal status or capacity to pay. The predicament being that 20 million plus illegal immigrant families are using this law, for even minor ailments such as the common cold. Why should foreign nationals sign up for health care or anything, when they can get Taxpayers to pay for it all..?
But this is not just an American dilemma, as it has been forcibly imposed on subjects of the European Union. This is causing a major derailment in the EU, because both legal and illegal entrants are stealing away the single payer medical care providers, to the citizens who have paid into the system from the time they first started work.

A decent controlled governmental health care benefit, can—NEVER--be established, when a startling report disclosed the details of a cloaked meeting between nationwide businesses and open-borders groups working under the radical cover of the IMMIGRATIONWORKSUSA a lobbying group. The secret Capitol Hill National Summit" took place last month and revealed the sinister intention behind the lobbying entities efforts.

Tamar Jacoby, who runs ImmigrationWorksUSA, kicked off the conference by stating the true aspiration of the coalition. The basic target is to promote THE FREE FLOW OF LABOR INTO THE USA, with—AS ALWAYS-- the taxpayer being the beneficiary for corporate welfare. They want expedited cheap labor, where no American worker—NEED APPLY!

WE MUST ACT NOW, OR IT WILL BE TOO LATE! These special interest lobbyists are well furnished with money from corporate America. We must empower mandated E-Verify as part of the Save Act, where everybody is screened in the workplace. Call your lawmaker TODAY! at 202-224-3121

Millions of phone calls from angry Americans are jamming the Washington Switchboards. It is making these pandering politicians to corporate welfare, very anxious. Support for the bi-partisan E-VERIFY PART OF THE SAVE Act, which will expand E-Verify and protect American Workers! We must focus on the monolithic problem in terminating illegal immigrants-and the jobs that attract illegal aliens. WE WILL ALWAYS BE PAYING FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS, UNLESS WE DO SOMETHING NOW?