Thursday, July 30, 2009

Suicide By Parolee

Lily Burk, an Los Angeles dogooder liberal type, was murdered on July 24, 2009 by an hulking crazed career criminal parolee in a vicious black-on-white hate crime.,0,909475.story (h/t Patterico's Pontifications Lily Burk is dead because Charlie Samuel, a parolee, arrested on April 23, 2009, was not returned to state prison because liberals in the California legislature and Henry Louis Gates, Jr., think there are too many black men like Charlie Samuel in prison. The ACLU aided and abetted in this murder by seeking to restrict the policing of Skid Row where Lily Burk was kidnapped then murdered.

Lily Burk was also killed by her upbringing. She attended a typical brainless liberal high school who taught her that criminals, minorities, and bums are to be helped not avoided and feared. Lily Burk thought she was safe being a liberal, being that she was sensative and supported criminals and bums, but a criminal, a minority, a bum, a hater, killed her. She put herself in a stupid situation and paid the price. If her parents had taught her to be safe, avoid criminals, violent minorities, and bums, she might be alive.

What does that teach us about immigration. Well, the same thing. We are told that immigration has no cost, but immigration has both a monetary cost, but also a cost in human lives, American lives. and

Don't be the next Lily Burk. Suicide by parolee or by illegal alien agricultural worker is not painless.

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