Monday, July 20, 2009

Terrorists Coming Soon

Activist liberals judges have acted to allow a terrorist supporter to enter the U.S. (h/t Atlas Shrugs

The case of Tariq Ramadan was a symptom of the incompetance of the Bush Administration. Ramadan, not Swiss, but an Egyptian who obtained a Swiss passport, he is no more Swiss than I am and actually less, is an open terrorist supporter who is a front man and fellow traveler for Islamic terrorists. Like the fellow travelers of yore, he moves in the liberal circles of the western intelligencia, part of the Kultursmog, and is a front man for the Muslim Brotherhood and their terrorist offshoots like Hamas and Al Queda; giving an intellectualoid smiley face to Sharia law.

The Bush Regime State Department initially gave the terrorist sympathizer with an H-1B non-immigrant working visa for the tenured position of Henry R. Luce Professor of Religion, Conflict and Peacebuilding at the Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, at the University of Notre Dame. Itself a shocking precursor to the honorary degree given to Baraka Hussein Obama by the Notre Dame as Ramadan was an open hater of the west and front for radical Islam and the imposition of Sharia Law on Muslims and non-Muslims. Treacherous to think that the Holy Cross fathers have betrayed the faith and Christianity, but they and Notre Dame ceased being Catholic a long time ago.

It is also symptomatic of our broken immigration system that Notre Dame can claim that there was no American with academic credentials to hold such a minor and undemanding academic position. There are tens of thousands of Americans with PhDs in religion, peace studies, and comparative religion. Did Notre Dame do a search for an American for that position? I doubt it, but the records for their labor petition are not available. It is also important to note that there is an unlimited number of H-1B visas for non-profit and academic institutions, even though there is a huge surplus of PhDs in this country. More interestingly, Ramadan received a tenured position with Notre Dame without any time teaching at Notre Dame or any other major university. He was in fact a political activist and not a scholar or instructor of any import. It was certainly strange for Notre Dame to give a tenured, lifetime, position to someone on an H-1B visa that is restricted to six years total. Most likely Ramadan was going to use the H-1B visa to eventually obtain legal permanent residency and then American citizenship. His usefulness to radical Islam in Europe was ending as he was prohibited from entering France and Switzerland was starting to aggressively push back against radical Islam under the leadership of the Swiss Peoples Party. It would be very clever for Al Queda's highest profile apologist to get American citizenship, giving him freedom to move throughout the world unhindered and to be protected by the U.S. government from criminal prosecution for his support for terrorism, especially in Israel.

Now, back to the Bush Administration incompetence. Just how did this terrorist supporter get a visa in the first place. Thank Colin Powell, the house negro of radical Islam. Perhaps the most ignorant man in the world, Powell was a closet supporter of Islam, just like Baraka Hussein Obama. Ramadan did not qualify for any visa, but it was approved at the highest level of the State Department after skating through the almost non-existent protections for American workers that the Department of Labor and the State Department are supposed to enforce. However, Ramadan failed the security check for the visa, but Powell intervened to issue the visa, which it was.

However, the issue became public and the State Department was forced to revoke the visa because the Department of Homeland Security stated that it would not admit Ramadan because he was a supporter of terrorism and had provided material support, donations, to terrorist front groups on the Treasury Department's list of terrorist supporters.

Ramadan then applied for a B-1/2 visa, a visa for business and tourism, which was not issued. This was clearly an attempt to enter the U.S. and begin a legal campaign to have those provisions of the Patriot Act that prevent the entry of terrorist supporters from entering the U.S. as Ramadan coordinated his application with the ACLU and NYCLU. The Bush Administration under Secretary of State Condolezza Rice refused to make a decision on his second visa application, again, because of the Bush Administration incompetence and an ideological commitment by Rice to accommodating the front groups for radical Islam, undoubtedly due to an incompetent and failing policy in Iraq before the surge.

Using the lack of a decision, the ACLU and NYCLU filed suit to order the State Department to first make a decision, then to issue a visa. This is the most important part of this issue, as radical immigration groups have for years been seeking to bring visa issuing decisions under the control of the judiciary. As of now, there is no appeal for a visa denial and to date an alien outside the U.S. has had no right to judicial review. The ACLU wants to change that, and they are using novel legal theories, undoubtedly supported by Sonya Sotomayor, thank you very much Lindsey Graham.

That is why aliens want to get to the U.S. because once here they can use the courts to their benefit to avoid deportation. In this case, Ramadan would use the courts to review an adjustment of status application to H-1B from B-1/2 if it were denied. What is curious is that he could have entered the U.S. on the visa waiver program, unless he was on the no-fly list. Once at a U.S. Port-of-Entry he could also have used a claim of political asylum to remain in the U.S. while he pursued his claims in the courts. Perhaps the fact that he would have lost a political asylum claim is why he did not use the visa waiver program available to Swiss passport holders.

And now we have it, a pack of radical leftists on the Second Circuit have stated that consular decisions are now reviewable, despite the fact that the law says they are not. The leftists are hoping that the Obama Regime does not appeal and will start allowing more terrorists into the U.S. which is likely as the Obama Regime and Eric Holder wanted to allow Gitmo terrorists into the U.S. despite the laws that prohibit terrorists from entering the U.S.

The important part of this story though is the above mentioned incompetence of the Bush Administration. Because of its story line that Islam is a religion of peace, it caught itself in a series of contradictions. There are no Muslims who believe that Islam is a religion of peace, but believe and practice a religion of hate and war, just like Ramadan, who to this day refuses to condemn the execution of people for adultery and homosexuality. However, because of an incompetantly run Iraq War, the Bush Administration was desparate to appear moderate on the issue of Islam, so was appealing to Jihadi front groups like CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood to help it against Al Queda. However that was doomed, as the front groups are filled with terrorist sympathizers like Ramadan. So Bush was deparate to find moderate Muslims but just could not find them. Once they latch on to one, he is exposed as Ramadan was as a Jihadi sympathizer or supporter. Another part of the Bush Administration's incompetance is that Ramadan was denied the second visa for his monitary contributions to front groups, not for his open and public support for radical Islam and terrorism. The Bush Administration took half measures when it should have openly and forthrightly stated that Ramadan was a terrorist supporter. It is not as if Ramadan's support was hidden, it was in the open and public, but the Bush Administration was never a defender of its beliefs or at least the basis for the laws that keep out terrorist supporters, just as it never defended itself from ideological attack from the left and the Demoncrats. It seemed to just hope that problems would go away, as it hoped that Ramadan would go away. One can say that the Bush Administration was like an ostrich, hiding its head in hope that problems go away. However this one is coming back to bite us, as the courts have now announced a novel Constitutional and legal claims to review the decisions affecting aliens outside the U.S. Something never done before and prohibited by law.

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