Monday, July 6, 2009

Thanks Jorge

America opened her arms to refugees from Somalia, and this is how they repay us.,2933,529796,00.html As usual, while Janet Reno Napalitano was interviewed for the story, Immigration and Customs Enforcement was, again, not involved in the investigation. As usual, and by law, the FBI led the investigation and it also appears that ICE was not involved even in a supporting role. While the name Department of Homeland Security congurs up visions of government employees doing their utmost to protect us from a foreign menace, DHS and its component parts, such as ICE, do nothing of the thing. For one reason that "protecting the homeland" is not really their mission. Investigating and preventing terrorism is the responsibility of the FBI. DHS exists to continue the function of the legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service and the U.S. Customs Service.

Furthermore, thanks to Congress, and the legacy INS and DHS, we have these terrorists on our soil. They were admitted as refugees or as regular immigrants based on family unification visas. No thought was given by Congress or INS/DHS as to what these Somalis will contribute to America or if they were suitable, based on their rabid Islamic ideology, to immigrate. Of course, the Jorge Bush Administration did all in its power to encourage the immigration of these crazed jihadi Somalis. Any administration could easily stop this influx of terrorists by declaring Somalis as terrorists and terrorist supporters, but Jorge did not have the cajones. Clinton wanted more of them and to Obama they are family.

More to the point, when these jihadis returned, DHS did not stop them at the border and return them from whence they came. It appears that Janet Reno Napalitano is not doing her job, but then she was not selected by Obama to enforce the law against Muslims, but to only arrest white Christian veteran gun owners. Too bad none of them are aliens.

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