Monday, July 6, 2009

Where Is The FBI?

Over the weekend, Muslim thugs acting under color of law violated the civil rights of a small group of Christians in Dearbornistan, MI. (h/t Gateway Pundit The FBI and the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department are charged with preventing violations of the rights of persons in the United States to practice their religion and their freedom of speech. On a public street, Muslim thugs physically attacked and forced the group of Christians to flee for their safety. The Dearbornistan Police Department refused to take action under laws of the State of Michigan to protect the right of the Christians to peaceable assemble, practice their religion, and to speak freely. The Dearbornistan Police Department in colusion with the criminal actors refused to provide the protection of the laws of the State of Michigan and discriminated on the basis of religion in the enforcement of the laws of the State of Michigan.

From the Civil Rights Division's website describing the CRD's responsibility:

Hate Crimes:
18 U.S.C. § 241, 18 U.S.C. § 245 and 42 U.S.C. § 3631) -- Violent and intimidating acts of racial, ethnic and religious hatred that interfere with federally protected rights, such as housing, employment, voting, and public services.

In the attack on Chrisitians, Muslim thugs violated the rights of Christians to travel on publicly funded and maintain streets and roads. Christians, as well as other Americans, have the right to also peaceable assemble and petition their government. The right of travel and peaceable assembly was violated by those Muslim thugs.

Official Misconduct:

(18 U.S.C. § 241, 18 U.S.C. § 242) -- Intentional acts by law enforcement officials who misuse their positions to unlawfully deprive individuals of constitutional rights, such as the right to be free from unwarranted assaults, illegal arrests and searches, and theft of property.

The Dearbornistan Police Department, when provided with a complaint and satisfactory evidence, failed to execute the laws of the State of Michigan in a non-discriminatory manner and discriminated against Christians based on their religion in the enforcement of the laws of the State of Michigan. The State of Michigan outlaws assault and battery on an individual.

In violation of the above acts, Muslims attacked Christians and the Dearbornistan Police Department refused to act, allowing through its refusal to act, the civil rights violations to occur.

Interference with Religious Beliefs:

(18 U.S.C. § 247) -- Violent conduct targeting religious houses of worship, usually involving the arson of churches or synagogues.

Furthermore, in violation of 18 USC 247, to wit, TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 247
(a) Whoever, in any of the circumstances referred to in subsection (b) of this section--
...... or
(2) intentionally obstructs, by force or threat of force, any person in the enjoyment of that person's free exercise of religious beliefs, or attempts to do so; shall be punished as provided in subsection (d).

Here we have clear and recorded on videotape civil rights violations by the Dearbornistan Police Department and the thugs of the Arabfest Organization acting under color of authority, uniformed and identified security personnel acting in public on public property under the authority of the City of Dearbornistan.

Where is Eric Holder? Interestingly he was lobbying for more civil rights laws, but refused to enforce civil rights laws in this case.

It is not surprising that Holder did not act, as he thinks that civil rights laws do not apply to Christians.

Under Title 43 USC 1873 all of the above are civily liable for civil rights violations. Where is the Civil Rights Division.

Just think if the event had been Whitefest and the protestors had been black? Well every FBI agent in the U.S. would have been flown to Dearbornistan and every white person involved would have been arrested and imprisoned without opportunity for bail. The Civil Rights Division would have sent out dozens of attorneys to indict and sue every white person involved.

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