Thursday, July 23, 2009

Why Is Medical Care So Expensive

Baraka Hussein Obama says medical treatment and health insurance are too expensive. And here is why:,2933,534502,00.html?test=latestnews (h/t American Patrol

An illegal alien, Luis Jimenez, was paralyzed in an automobile accident. After years in a hospital, he returned to his home. A distant relative, Montejo Gaspar, is sueing the hospital for helping the illegal alien return home. Gaspar is sueing on behalf of someone with whom he has for no practical purpose any connection, and standing to profit by it. While Jiminez is now in Guatamala, how can Gaspar be called his legal guardian, when it is Jiminez' mother and wife who are providing care? And just what is wrong with Guatamalen hospitals? And the care he is receiving now? The Guatamalen government said it could care for him. Who is Gaspar to challenge Guatamalen medical care?

The article claims that Jimenez was deported. Not so, only the government can deport someone. Paying for someone's flight home is not a deportation. Jiminez was not forced to leave. And if Gaspar is Jiminez' legal guardian, why wasn't he paying for Jiminez' care? Obviously Gaspar is only interested in profiting from his cousin's tragedy.

And the radical left, who are funding this lawsuit, seeks to both bankrupt private hospitals and force all of us into government rationed healthcare, as well as providing free care to every alien in the world who can sneek in.

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