Wednesday, August 12, 2009

All Immigrants Are Loyal Americans

One Free Korea ( ) has a stunning, but not to me, story about a communist North Korean agent running for office in New York City as a Demoncrat.

It appears that John Choe is the new Alger Hiss, but this time the Alger Hiss is not a corrupt blue-blooded Yankee WASP, but the descendant of immigrants who has maintained his culture and racial identity. This is not unusual, as California is filled with Mexicans with American passports and Chinese dedicated to the motherland. Choe may be an extreme, but not as extreme as MeChA, the Brown Berets, or Chinese for Affirmative Action. But it does show the propensity of immigrants to remain loyal to their countries, races, and cultures.

So much for the loyal immigrant.

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