Saturday, August 15, 2009

Are You Surprised?

Liberals are shocked that black recipients of welfare bonuses in New York City wasted it on junk food and electronic goods. (h/t Doubleplusundead

Most normal people instinctively see the connection between waste and welfare, but liberals don't. They think welfare recipients are deprived and oppressed. In reality they are lazy, ignorant, and selfishly demanding. I deal with these people routinely and they have no morals what so ever. They use welfare to maintain a lifestyle of drug use, television and junk food. Go into the house of a welfare recipient and it is a disgusting mess, dried food all over, clothes, toys and dirty dishes haphazardly thrown about. With no employment they still have no time or inclination to do any cleaning.

It is no suprise to me that welfare recipients in NYC spent their $200.00 welfare bonus on anything but school supplies. Such things as school supplies are of no interest to people on welfare. They don't like learning and would never waste money on a book, pencils, binder paper or a notebook. They would buy new clothes and electronics for sure, and, after Hurricane Katrina they did the same thing. No disaster monies were spent on housing or cleaning. That was the responsibility of the government. They spent their money on drugs, junk food, and bling. The idea of spending the money for disaster cleanup in their own homes was unthinkable to them. Hurricane Katrina was not a disaster to them, but an opportunity for free things from the government. Finally enough money to buy a new TV and designer jeans. That is what welfare is to those dependant on the system. Why is it that there are so many white volunteers in Louisiana repairing and cleaning homes? Because the welfare recipient culture of New Orleans does not allow for them to clean or rebuild their own homes. They take advantage of every program for their own benefit. With free housing, free food, free everything, welfare recipients concentrate their spending on bling, drugs, alcohol, junk food, and electonics.

Every welfare and relief program in the U.S. is exploited and abused for the benefit of the lazy class of welfare recipients.

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