Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cause For Impeachment

One of the things every federal employee must do each year is complete training in the Privacy Act of 1974. This law prohibits the maintenance of records on Americans without both authorization by legislation and a system for retrieval. Recently Obama established an office in the White House whose purpose was to receive and track allegations of opposition to his policies. As Brain Terminal has pointed out, the Flag operation at flag@whitehouse.gov, an official government email address and an official government operation under the authority of the President, is illegal. http://brain-terminal.com/posts/2009/08/05/white-house-asks-citizens-to-report-fishy-speech-is-it-legal (h/t Brain Terminal http://brain-terminal.com/)

Yearly every federal employee is told that such an intelligence gathering activity was not only illegal, but that by policy the Department of Justice had a policy of mandatory prosecution of all federal employees who participate in such illegal acts. That is a 100% percent prosectution policy.

Eric Holder, the racist Attorney General and Clinton family hack and now Obama hack, however has refused to prosecute the White House officials who violate the law.

Here we now have it. A felony criminal violation by Baraka Hussein Obama. We might have to wait for 2010, but there is now a clear criminal violation for which to impeach Obama.

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