Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Criminal Lovers

Leftists love criminals. Especially criminals who practice their crimes on white people. Leftists don't want white people allowed in "cool" neighborhoods like Columbia Heights or the Mission. (h/t Doubleplusundead Stabbings are a sign of the coolness factor according to the Pravada on the Potomic. Letting criminals free is the pleasure of the San Fransicko Chronicle. Leftists love racist blacks like Thelton Henderson, the judge who overturned California's Civil Rights Initiative because it protected white people (, and Henry Louis Gates, Jr. It makes them feel better when low-class whites are the victims of black-on-white crime. That is why liberals want criminals released, so they can have "cool" neighborhoods again and stick it to whitey. The only problem is that most of the additional crime from released criminals has black and Hispanic victims as well. So because of their anti-white racism, liberal judges are imposing more crime on people of color.

Ain't that beautiful.

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