Monday, August 31, 2009

Famous But Incompetant

The FBI have been given a easy stat. For the uninitiated a stat is a statistic, or, more simply, an arrest. Law enforcement agencies live off those. They show that they are doing their job. Low stats mean they aren't doing their job.

The failure of the FBI to investigate this case and make an easy arrest and easier conviction should be amazing, but it is not. Why, because the perp is black. The FBI and the Civil Rights Division of the Obama Regime Justice Department doesn't like to arrest black people. The CRD because they don't think black people commit crimes, and the FBI because they have their marching orders from Eric Holder, the Attorney General who refuses to prosecute black people.

The stat is this, much commented on and on all the patriotic blogs.

We have a black police officer threatening to arrest, under color of authority, a white man, for daring to express a constitutionally protected right, of which the black police officer disagrees.

That, in the lingo of federal law enforcement, is called a civil rights violation. It is prosecuted by the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice and investigated by the FBI.

The case is open and shut, as the crime was recorded in video and audio. The officer, Wesley Cheeks, openly and with a smile threatens to arrest someone for having a poster at a public event being held on public property. Cheeks states that the victim will be arrested for the content of the sign the victim is displaying.

There, of course, is no justification for the tresspassing charge, as the public property in question is being used legally by an elected official for a public event. Members of the public have a legal right to be present and cannot be charged with trespassing. Nor can they be charged with trespassing based on the type of free speech they use to peaceably petition their government.

To threaten an arrest is a crime: Title 18 United States Code Section 241 Conspiracy to Violate Rights and Title 18 USC 242, Deprivations Under Color of Authority

The act by Cheeks is a conspiracy as he was aided and abetted by another officer. It is a deprivation based on the rights of assembly, speech, and petition of grievances.

It is also a hate crime because Cheeks acted because the victim was white, all in violation of 18 USC 245, Hate Crimes,

So, where are Eric Holder and Baraka Hussein Obama? They are responsible for the faithful execution of the laws of the United States. Why hasn't an arrest been made?

Well, because the victim was white.

Fair warning, the next Waco and Ruby Ridge are coming. The Obama Regime does not think that white people have any rights. Shooting them down like dogs is just the next step.

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