Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hewitt 1984

In Nineteen Eighy-Four, George Orwell's distopian novel, Winston Smith worked in the Ministry of Truth, dealing with anything but. The Ministry of Truth determined what the proles and the Outer Party should be allowed to know and discuss. Hugh Hewitt apparently thinks he works for the Ministry of Truth. He got together with his bff and bro-romancer-of-the-day, Comrade Howard Kurtz, propogandist for the Obama Regime at the WaPo. Kurtz is routinely described as a media critic, but he is the chief flack for Obama in the press, sort of the chief whip, keeping the press on message and running interference against real, as opposed to fake criticism, of the press.

Kurtz and Hewitt got together recently to lay down the line as given to them by the Inner Party.

Instructions to the Inner Party and any proles out there is this: Thou shalt not question why Baraka Hussein Obama has not released his original birth certificate. To do so is an act of lese majeste. There is no debate, to even discuss the issue is a sin, an abomination, and is prohibited to all those who want to be within the political mainstream. But considering that Hewitt thinks communist lawyers like Erwin Chemerinsky are within the mainstream, that is not saying much.

The issue is what is Obama hiding and now why is Hugh Hewitt flaking for Obama. I think for him, like Glenn Beck, is what do we do if it turns out that Obama wasn't born in the U.S. I doubt if he was born in Kenya, as it would have been difficult for Obama to get back to the U.S. without a U.S. passport. And, I can assure you, back then, no U.S. consul would have issued him a passport.

If foreign birth is what is being hidden on the Obama birth certificate, then it is more likely he was born in Canada, as his mother fled to Seattle soon after his birth, with her application for admission to a university there was accepted before Obama was born. It is not incievable that she was in Vancouver for a day trip while pregnant and it just happened.

But back to the employees of the Ministry of Truth. What is it they are hiding and why is Hewitt so agressive on this issue. Perhaps he fears the impact of the public knowledge of his disqualification for office. Does he fear an incompetant President Joe Biden. But a corrupt politician like Biden isn't worse than a devious neo-communist like Obama. We have survived corrupt politicians and Marxists like Wilson and FDR, but neither of them hated America with such passion as Obama. So, a fear of Biden can't be it.

Perhaps Hewitt fears a civil war. That could be a real possibility. Imagine it coming out, Obama is not constitutionally qualified for office. Some patriots in the military anounce that they will not follow orders. Others aquiesce to the illegitimate President. Millions of Americans then publically repudiate Obama and some take up arms. Perhaps Biden makes a play and announces that he is the defacto Acting President. Some fellow Democrats announce their support for Biden based on Obama's plumeting poll numbers. Obama seeks to impose his will on some of those who oppose him, and the FBI, USSS, DHS, and ATFE start arresting people, but one of their actions goes wrong and Americans are killed, perhaps some survive and resist like Waco and Ruby Ridge. Obama calls in the military to crush the rebels and some in the military refuse those illegal orders.

Things could get messy real fast, not to mention that China, Russia, and Iran will act while we are distracted by domestic events.

Things could get messy real fast. But it is better to know, than to put ones fingers in ones ears and whistle past the graveyard. Address the issue forthrightly and it can be solved without bloodshed. It might mean a President Biden, but we can survive that. We cannot survive an Obama Dictatorship and the subsequent race war.

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