Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Imposing Crime

Westchester County has decided that it will increase crime in its jurisdiction. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/08/11/nyregion/11settle.html?_r=1&em Counties usually seek to lower crime, but Westchester wanted free federal money, so it accepted community development grants for housing, but lied when it said it would increase diversity. What one of the richest counties in the U.S. wanted with I do not know, but federal money does not come without conditions. Since Westchester County is so expensive to live in, minorities on welfare from New York City usually don't try and move there. But Westchester does have a large Hispanic population, so the rational for the suit by community organizers and thugs from the Department of Housing and Urban Development is not based on reality. But the federal government wants more crime and high density housing, they usually go together, in Westchester County. The county has also agreed to impose this agreement on the independent city and town governments. How they will do this has yet to be seen, as county governments do not supervise city and town councils under New York law. The funny thing is that these so-called afforable housing units, ownership or rental, are open to those making $35-70,000.00 a year. Hardly the income of poor blacks. And certainly not an income that can afford the commute to NYC. More interesting will be how they can sell a home to a black person and require that home to be sold by that black person to another black person. Furthermore the agreement includes marketing of these new housing opportunities to blacks who already live in Westchester County. Why would move a black person from one part of the county to another actually help integration? Sounds like some advertising agency is in on this waste of $50 million. What a nice deal it will be to get that contract. Get a few million then send out some flyers to a couple of black people already in the county. Or advertise in a black newspaper in Harlem. Nice money if you can get a piece of it.

But the purpose of the is not just to increase crime in Westchester County. The goal of HUD and the Department of Justice, led by the racist Eric Holder, is to impose more crime on other localities in the name of desegregation.

The money quote:

"The agreement, if ratified by the county’s Board of Legislators, would settle a lawsuit filed by an antidiscrimination group and could become a template for increased scrutiny of local governments’ housing policies by the Obama administration.

'This is consistent with the president’s desire to see a fully integrated society,' said Ron Sims, the deputy secretary of housing and urban development, which helped broker the settlement along with the Justice Department. 'Until now, we tended to lay dormant. This is historic, because we are going to hold people’s feet to the fire.' ”

Of course, when the crime rates start going up when the blacks invited to live in Westchester start brining their friends and relatives to the new 'hood, the Obama Regime will be there to quickly accuse Westchester County Department of Public Safety and local police departments of racial profiling.

So, although Baraka Hussein Obama avoided sending his children to the black schools of Washington, DC, he wants to impose black people on white people. I wonder how far this will go. Are we going to integrate Martha's Vinyard, Pacific Heights, Palo Alto, Central Park West, and other toney neighborhoods throughout the country with few blacks. I just don't see rich liberals inviting blacks to live in their Manhattan co-0ps. However, I am waiting for the DOJ to file its first lawsuit to open up those nice co-ops in NYC to blacks.

Well, Westchester County votes Demoncrat, so you get what you asked for. I just hope that the families of the Westchester officials who signed off on this are the first victims of the new imported class of criminal.

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