Sunday, August 2, 2009

InJustice Department

Eric Holder and his communist thugs from the Department of InJustice Civil Rights Division are attempting to intimidate the State of Oklahoma legislature. In the midst of the debate on an official English language bill, the CRD sent a letter to the State of Oklahoma Attorney General stating that federal law requries that Oklahoma must provide benefits and services in languages other than English. That is just an outright lie. There is no federal law that requires the use of any language other than English. The only court ruling on languages other than English is that crminal defendants must get a translator. The CRD attempts to intimidate States and localities by claiming that national origin, identified in various civil rights acts, actually means inability to speak English. That was never debated and proposed in any legislation mentioning national origin and no court has ever ruled that the case. What CRD does is attempt to intimidate localites by threatening expensive legal action, then settling with an agreement that requires the locality to provide services in other languages.

This is just another attempt by Holder and his thugs to intimidate Americans. Another step on the way to Waco and Ruby Ridge.

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