Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just How Stupid Are Liberals?

One of the San Francisco Chronicle's tendentious liberal columnists recently pointed out that habitual drunks in San Francisco cost the city millions and the drunks are that way because liberals created a program so they could live their lives as drunks.

The Supplement Security Income program, mostly for lazy and drunks with fake disabilities is basically a welfare program for, well, the lazy and drunk. They can only maintain their lifestyle of drinking and drug use based on the free money from the taxpayer.

So how do you feel that you are subsidizing Kenny Walters' lifestyle choice?

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Dillinger737 said...

Let me try out a Liberal mindset for a minute... They're only drunks because they are kept down by their situation. If we give them more money and free healthcare they will rise up and become productive citizens. As it is they simply see no way out and turn to drink.