Monday, August 24, 2009

MSN Insisting You Learn Spanish

MSN has decided that you are a racist, just as Baraka Hussein Obama thinks you, whitey, beez da wracist. MSN also thinks that you should learn Spanish, because you are a racists, just like Baraka Hussein Obama says you should learn Spanish. You should not use Engish, the language of the world, but should learn an obscure language that no one speaks unless they learned it as a child. Scholars learn Mandarin or Sanskrit, historians learn Latin and Greek, Chinese learn English, Japanese learn English, the French even learn English. But MSN has decided that English beezz wracist, so you got to learn Spanish to get basic news about the Miss Universe Pagent. This is the link from the MSN homepage that takes you to news about the new Miss Universe:

Telemundo, the racist television network that hates America. What is MSN up to? Usually it is filled with Obama's lies and advice on sexy shoes. But now we have to learn Spanish. This is worse than the CW Network that for some reason runs Spanish language commercials on shows like Supernatural. So, is it that entertainment companies don't want to make profits? Are they like big Pharma who want to ruin their business by selling out to Obama? Why do rich people like Warren Buffet and George Soros want to destroy your life and culture?


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