Monday, August 17, 2009

News Flash

News Flash, kidney dialysis is not an emergency proceedure. Despite the fact that the taxpayers are subsidizing free kidney dialysis for illegal aliens, it is not an emergency proceedure. (h/t American Patrol

Kidney dialysis is a chronic condition and it is treated in Mexico. The arrogant illegal aliens in this story even used their own full names, showing contempt for taxpayers and knowledge that ICE will not arrest them.

Why won't ICE arrest them? Maybe you should contact them:

SAC San Francisco Field Office, 1500 Broadway, 2nd FloorOakland, CA 94612, Telephone (510) 267-3800, Fax (510) 267-3870.

If they refuse to arrest the illegal aliens involved, which they are required by law to do, then complain to DHS Office of Inspector General:

DHS OIG Hotline: (800) 323-8603
DHS OIG Hotline facsimile: (202) 254-4292
Address: Department of Homeland SecurityWashington, DC 20528
Attn: Office of Inspector General, Hotline.

Marta Berrera deserves a knock on the door not free dialysis. Help make that happen.

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