Monday, August 17, 2009

No Facts Allowed

Hugh Hewitt doesn't want facts. Obama is President and we can't attack his legitimacy. Funny thing for an attorney to say. An attorney who doesn't want facts on the record. Interesting. Why doesn't Hugh Hewitt want to know the facts about Baraka Hussein Obama's birth. Hugh Hewitt doesn't even know which hospital Baraka Hussein Obama lives in, but Hugh Hewitt knows that Baraka Hussein Obama is the legitimate President of the United States. How can he know that without seeing Baraka Hussein Obama's birth certificate? Apparently he is in agreement with Michael Barone that facts are not necessary on the debate over Baraka Hussein Obama's Constitutional authority to serve as President.

What sort of attorney can hold a license to practice law who ignores facts and evidence. One could point out to Hugh Hewitt, Attorney-At-Law, that a birth certificate, not an abstract of live birth, is primary evidence? What is Hugh Hewitt's objection to using primary sources? Hugh Hewitt says that Baraka Hussein Obama is an American citizen because of a birth announcement in two Honolulu newspapers. Well, Hugh Hewitt, that is not accepted as proof of citizenship by any U.S. government agency. Try getting a passport with a birth announcement in a newspaper.

Why is Hugh Hewitt trying to impose the cramdown on Baraka Hussein Obama's birth? Why doesn't Hugh Hewitt want to see Baraka Hussein Obama's birth certificate?

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