Friday, August 21, 2009

So Much For So Little

The owners of Yamato Engine Specialists have pled guilty to two minor felonies and will likely, as most first offenders do, get only probation. (h/t The Stein Report

Interestingly they were only charged with three felonies. Most plea bargains end up with the defendant pleading to one charge, but in this case the second charge, 18 USC 2, Aiding and Abetting, did not bring the sentencing guidelines for the first charge, 18 USC 1001, False Statements, higher.

Even more interesting was that there were no immigration charges brought under Title 8 of the US Code. Considering that ICE used hundreds of agents for a total of three criminal charges against three defendants, Shirin Dhanani Makalai, 52, and her brother Shafique Dhanani, 46, and their company, Yamato Engine Specialists, the results were not very impressive. And given that hundreds of illegal aliens were released and given employment authorization, the results of this investigation were a complete waste of resources. This, however, will be the new ICE standard. Arrest and release illegal aliens, charge employers with minor felonies, then a plea deal that results in probation only.

The owners of Yamato Engine Specialists are now free to continue to hire illegal aliens, many of them are the illegal aliens that got arrested and now have employment authorization. Of course, ICE will make no effort to remove these illegals. They will be placed on the absconder list with millions of others and therefore will remain here for the upcoming amnesty.

It would have been cheaper just to make adminstrative arrests and remove the illegals old style, then just give the company an administrative fine.

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