Monday, August 3, 2009

Target: Dobbs

I don't watch CNN, but when forced to at most airports, I don't mind watching Lou Dobbs. He cares about America and Americans. However, this is not about Dobbs or the story about why Baraka Hussein Obama won't release his birth certificate, which is Dobbs' crime, daring to question something the left says is closed to inquiry. It is about a free press. The radical left always complains about the corporate press getting their instructions on what stories to cover.

Now leftists are agog that Dobbs is not taking instructions from his corporate masters. Of course, leftists hate Dobbs because he covers the story of illegal immigration from a critical perspective. No other Main Stream Media outlets cover the issue critically and most openly support illegal immigration and support amnesty. And herein the contradiction. Liberals tell us that journalists and academics have the right to address any issue and speak truth to power. It is apparent that they don't extend their principles to Dobbs. He is supposed to take his instructions from his corporate management, no question asked.

The attack on Dobbs is coupled with the claim that CNN is non-partisan, but CNN and its Headline News are overwhelmingly leftist, with Dobbs the only balance. The funny thing is that Dobbs is still beating Chris "Thrill Up My Leg My Job Is To Help Obama Succeed" Matthews at the same time slot on MSNBC. So why is the story claiming that Dobbs is bad for CNN when it is beating MSNBC? The story says nothing about the rise of Fox except to attack it. To wit:

'Joked The Washington Post's Lisa de Moraes: it "explains their upcoming documentary: `The World: Flat. We Report — You Decide.'"'

It is clear the agenda behind the attack on Dobbs is an attack on any one who disagrees with or challenges the Obama Regime. CNN has been AWOL on the issues and is nothing more than an Obama echochamber.

So just as the MSM attacks Fox, they attack the last journalist at CNN, Dobbs for daring to question in any manner Obama. Now no one at CNN management or the MSM has dared to ask the simple question of why Obama won't release his original birth certificate.

But the attack on Dobbs is part of the liberal policy of personal attacks that have increased from the left lately. The lies about Sarah Palin, the racist attacks on Sgt. James Crowley, when the left gets you in their sights, the attacks will be continuous until you surrender. But if you stand up, you can win, as Sgt. Crowley shows. If you surrender, you end up like Trent Lott.

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Holger Awakens said...

If you are a journalist in America and you want to know if your reports are spot on, then look to see if the Left attacks you. They are going after Dobbs like they have Beck. It's all too predictable. The Left felt threatened by Palin so they called her "dumb" and "crazy." Beck was called a "loon." And now Dobbs.

If you make the Left squawk, just smile and consider it a trophy.