Sunday, August 2, 2009

They Really Believe It

Black people in the U.S. really believe that white cops have nothing better to do that just randomly arrest innocent black people. Baraka Hussein Obama and his bff Henry "Skip" Louis Gates, Jr. really belive it, too, given their assinine statements and behavior. A police officer who responds to a 911 call cannot be racially profiling if he detains the only person at the scene of the possible crime, but Barak Hussein Obama does. While white police officers have the job of arresting criminals, most crime is commited by blacks and Hispanics in the U.S. so they obviously arrest more blacks and Hispanics than whites. And, like most liberals, instead of solving the problem of black crime, black leaders just want to arrest more white people. That is why the new hate crime bill has been passed. Eric Holder, the racist Attorney General, stated emphatically that white people will not be protected by the new hate crimes act, named after teh homosexual drug dealer Matthew Shephard. The goal is to put more whites in jail for crimes that would either not be proscuted or prosecuted at a State level. And as an instructive story, a black law enforcement colleauge recently stated that he wants to go out and randomly arrest white people as revenge for the arrest of Skip Gates. That is just how racist black people are. They just want to randomly arrest white people as revenge for the unproved allegation that white cops arrest blacks for no reason. And this is a black person with a law degree. That is how irrational and racist black people are.

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Dillinger737 said...

They're certainly, exponentially more racist than whites. In fact, by percentage, I would be willing to bet that blacks are as a whole, 40% or so more racist than whites. Yet we're never going to win because whites are generally apologetic eunuchs who won't stand up for themselves in modern America.