Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Using Immigration To Pressure Nations

As I pointed out previously, the Obama Regime was using non-immigrant visas to pressure the Honduran leaders who foiled the attempted coup by a communist in Honduras. The non-immigrant visas of the leaders were cancelled.

The Obama Regime has now stepped up the pressure. It has halted issuing non-immgrant visas to all Hondurans. While that is a good idea in general to not issue non-immigrant visas to citizens of third world countries, as they usually do not return to their countries, using non-immigrant visa pressure should be in wider use. I note that the Obama Regime has not decided to stop issuing non-immigrant visas to Chinese, who's government refused to accept back deportees from the U.S. It has not used similar pressure to reign in Hugo Chavez. And the list goes on and on of countries who defy us or attack us, like Iran for instance, or who refuse to cooperate with deporations. Such a weapon should be used more frequently.

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