Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What A Fraud

Did you know that Venesualans can apply for asylum in the U.S. based on female circumcision in Indonesia? According to the Ninth Circuit Court of Schlemeles (h/t Michael Savage) it is. (h/t Center for Immigration Studies

So, here is the background. An Indonesian man marries an Venesualan and has three children at least two of which are daughters. At least one daughter is Venesuelan as well. Perhaps one daughter who apparently was circumcised, just like all men in Indonesia are, and as are most men in the U.S.

Now, the family is claiming that the circumcision was ordered by the Indonesian grandma. While it may be true that women run the circumcision racket in Indonesia, and from what I know that is true, as Indonesia and Malaysia are matrilinial societies. However, the father could have stopped it, but did not.

Now, the event is over, and the daughter's return to Indonesia will have no consequence, as the act is over and done with. Nothing more is going to happen, much less happen at the insistance of the Indonesian government.

Now to complicate this, the family came here years before they filed their asylum claim, e.g. they did not claim asylum when they first got here, but not until they were caught. They clearly lied on their non-immigrant visa applications as the father, Bob Benito Benyamin, a curiously Christian name, came here for business. They did not file their asylum claim while in Indonesia.

Now that they are here in the U.S. how is that solving the alleged problems that the child is allegedly having? The court said that the child will undergo "physical and psychological harm and the risk of serious complications" from the proceedure years ago. Well, that must be going on here as well. Millions of Indonesian women go through circumcision and live out their lives. Why does this one get a welfare check from the American taxpayers, because this is what this is about.

Even worse, why aren't they being deported to Venesuela? Mother and at least one daughter are either dual Indonesian/Venesuelan citizens or are Venesuelan citizens. And by marriage, little Bobby has a right to immigrate to Venezuela under Venezuelan law.

Why are American taxpayers having to bear this burden for the fraud of asylum based on female circumcision? Even the liberals at the Department of State conclude that as practiced in Indonesia there is no threat of physical harm from the proceedure: "In denying asylum, immigration judges cited a State Department report that said female genital mutilation as practiced in Indonesia 'involves minimal short-term pain, suffering and complications.'"

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