Thursday, September 17, 2009

Asylum Lies

Leftist attorneys are always trying to find a new fraudulent claim to asylum in the U.S. The latest scam developed after Central American drug dealers were exposed with their use of Central American teenaged gangbangers to deal drugs, then be protected by San Francisco Demoncrat District Attorney Kamala Harris, a lightskinned black who passes for white in San Francisco. She was the big protector of the teenaged gangbanger drug dealers.

However, the scam was exposed, and under threat of federal prosecution for protecting the gangbangers, the Demoncrat Party scam ended.

The treason bar is very inventive and they now have their new criminal defense and the newest claim to asylum.

The gangbangers are now claiming they were forced to do it. That is their first step in criminal court, but their next step will be before the ever credulous morons at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Asylum Office and at the even more idiotic Executive Office for Immigration Review, San Francisco Office. After getting off the criminal charges, the gangbangers will seek to be protected by an asylum claim or a claim as a crime victim and get an S, T or U non-immigrant immigrant visa from the same USCIS. Those visas misapply named for crime victims, but are actually always for co-conspirators who claim they helped the prosecution, but usually their help is useless or inadequate, because criminals never fully tell the truth about their friends. I know that because I just interviewed an alleged reformed criminal who went through all the phony 12 steps, but still refuses to rat out his friends because it does not help him.

Why not, we give asylum to gangbangers who fear having to return to El Salvador. Why not this crazy idea? Why not Hondurans?

Mark my words muchachos.

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