Saturday, September 19, 2009

Don't Arrest Too Many Criminals

The moronic mayor of Wellford, SC, has taken the policy of not arresting criminals to its logical conclusion. (h/t Hot Air She has prohibited her town's police officers from chasing criminal suspects on foot. Now usually crime ridden cities like Baltimore and San Francisco have no pursuit policies, but those for for vehicle chases. And the predictable thing happened, criminals learned they would not be chased and now flee in vehicles more often than before the no-pursuit policy. And, of course, crime rose.

The usual excuse was that vehicle pursuits can be dangerous and sometimes innocent bystanders are injured or killed. But the increase in violent crime when these policies are instituted usually make up on the body count when pursuits are prohibited. Not to mention the emboldened behavior of criminals in general, because mayors and police chiefs who prohibit pursuits are usually not very concerned about crime. What they are concerned about is that too many minorities are going to prison. And that is clearly Mayor Sallie Peake concern.

This non-pursuit in guise of non-arrest policy has a more widespread symptom. It is the corrupt and incompetant police chiefs who aquiesce similarily to the manner in which Wellford Police Chief Chris Guy aquiesced to the clearly stupid orders of May Peake. Chief Guy is also not too terribly interested in arresting too many black men. In the immigration issue there is an analogous situation. Big city chiefs refuse to arrest illegal aliens and claim that arresting the criminals who violate immigration laws hurts law enforcement. George Gascon, formerly chief of Mesa, AZ, and now chief of the sanctuary city San Francisco, notoriously supports illegal immigration and has a policy of not arresting illegals, despite the fact that illegal aliens give cover and concealment to gangbangers and other violent criminals. Because he too is an immigrant, he thinks that illegal aliens should not be arrested and has implemented policies that result in criminals going free, just like Mayor Peake. They both have the same concern, not arresting members of their favored race, blacks for Peake, and Hispanics for Gascon.

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