Thursday, September 17, 2009

No Way Jose

Jose Hernandez, the alleged American, but in reality and ideology, an Mexican, a NASA employee and astronaut, decided to grace Mexico with his presence and opine on issues in public without NASA permission.,0,7903541.story

Well, Jose, you claimed that you were an American citizen and had the right to speak out on any issue. Well, no, you are a Mexican and federal employees are not allowed to talk to the press without permission and are only allowed to discuss issues as directed by your employing agency.

Hernandez spouted of to a Mexican television talk show that all illegal aliens should be given amnesty. Well, muchacho, amnesty is not part of NASA's bailiwick, it deals with issues such as space flight, not what to do with illegals.

Just imagine if a different astronaut, or any other federal employee, said just the opposite, that all illegals should be deported. That person would have been fired in nanoseconds. But it appears that there is a double standard for Mexicans who support illegal immigration and, seditously, want all borders removed.

Interestingly enough though Hernandez told the Mexican audience that they should be less Mexican if they want to succeed in life. He said Mexican parents should stop drinking beer and turn off the telenovellas and make their children study, not gangbang.

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