Thursday, September 17, 2009

Immigration Kills

Aside from the drunk drivers and gangbangers, immigration kills. The 1993 and 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center killed thousands and were perpetrated by immigrants, immigrants of all kinds: illegal aliens, immigrants, refugees, students, tourists, etc. All classes of immigrants kill Americans. And they enjoy it, as well as being protected by the Evil Party and the Stupid Party. And they were at it again recently:

A group of immigrants, most Afghan, who allegedly came here as refugees from radical Islam or whatever lie they told to the Asylum or Refugee Officer at the old INS or the new USCIS. We allowed these Muslim fanatics to travel freely in Pakistan of all places. Just looking at Najibullah Zazi could tell you that he is a hatefilled fanatic, but common sense is not allowed.

What matters is diversity and toleration of those who want to kill us. Zazi came here lying about threats to him in Afghanistan and so did his fellow conspirators from Afghanistan and Pakistan. They all openly attended Wahabbi hate mosques where jihad and sharia were the only subjects of preaching. The mosques are staffed by crazed zealots trained in Saudi funded institutions and they come here on a visa origionally created for the Catholic Church to bring in priests because the Church refused to allow Catholic men loyal to the Church to enter the seminary. Only homosexuals are currently allowed into most seminaries and they never last, they end up returning to the bars of Castro Street or get arrested for child molestation. So, now the R non-immigrant visa is the primary method of entry by hate preachers from Wahabbi institutions to enter and help organize and protect terrorism.

And the money quote: "The man, whose name was withheld, had allegedly notified an imam that the FBI was looking for their Denver pal, and the Muslim leader, in turn, contacted the suspect's family to have them warn him."

Of equal interest is what is, as usual, missing from national security and terrorism investigations involving aliens: Immigration and Customs Enforcement. As usual, ICE, and DHS, which claim they are the front line against terrorism, is missing in action. The case involves enemy aliens and that is supposed to be ICE's forte, but either Janet Reno Napalitano isn't interested in terrorism not originating with white folk, or the DHS and ICE mission is seriously misrepresented to the public. Of course, former Secretary Michael Chertoff, is responsible for some of this PR dishonesty, but as guilty are the Demoncrats that agitated for creation of DHS as well. The terrorism gambit, while comical in the prism of bureaucratic wrangling over budget and publicity, does help hide the deliberate misdirection of DHS resources away from its real responsibilities, the traditional enforcement of immigration and customs laws, in favor of a deliberate non-feasance in favor of illegal aliens and the drug trade.

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