Friday, September 11, 2009

It Has Begun

The left is on the warpath. They have begun their campaign of open deadly violence against individual Americans. Before the left targeted Americans, but it was for intimidation, such as the attacks on Joe the Plumber, eco-sabatage, demonstrations in front of John Yoo's home, and boycotts of Glenn Beck and Michael Savage. However those actions have been uneffective. The radical left has since decided to start assasinating individual Americans who dare oppose them.

And the Obama Regime is silent. The FBI is doing nothing. There are no US Marshal Service Deputy US Marshals protecting those Americans targeted for violence from the radical left, unlike leftists who get 24/7 protection from the federal government. No Department of Justice Civil Rights Division trial attorneys winging their way to Owosso, MI, to file charges against the perpetrators of this civil rights violation. Nothing. You think we have a government that is supposed to protect all the people? You should think again. Your life means nothing to the Obama Regime.

I had thought that it would begin with a Ruby Ridge or Waco, but it appears that the Obama Regime has decided to just allow the radical left to murder Americans with impunity.

It appears that the government will no longer be protecting you. It is now your responsibility. It started with beatings and mayhem on tea party protestors. It clear that this is a deliberate campaign to intimidate opposition to the Obama Regime. I suggest that the next time you go to a protest, bring a gun, pepperspray, tazer, and be ready to use them. You might be the next person assasinated, beaten or have your finger bitten off. It is clear that the police will not be protecting you. And nor will the FBI or US Marshals Service. The Department of Justice will not be prosecuting any of your attackers.

Remember, this violence has always been a part of the fantasy of the left. Their publications cheer on attacks by the Black Bloc terrorists at demonstrations, they fantasize about killing cops and support cop killers like Mumia, they brag about wanting to kill Bush.

The left has declared war on Americans and this is not the first shot, but it is their Rubicon. Be forewarned.

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