Sunday, September 27, 2009

One Out Of Three Ain't Bad, Sort Of

Time had an article on three important questions regarding the arrest of the Muslim terrorist (as if those two don't always go together) Najibullah Zazi.,8599,1926292,00.html (h/t Hot Air

Of course two of the questions were either stupid or were not really important questions. Time first asks why did he do it? Well, because he is a practicing Muslim. The more a Muslim practices his religion, the more likely he is to be engaged in terrorism on non-Muslims.

The next question asked is who are his associates. Well, the FBI arrest two of his assosicates and reports show that many others are under surveillance, and, might I add, unlikely to be arrested or deported for their conspiracy. The FBI is acutally on the ball regarding this issue. It will just be a matter of will for Eric Holder to actually prosecute a Muslim and Janet Reno Napalitano to deport a Muslim in this case. Both are unlikely to agressively prosecute or deport the arrested trio or the other unnamed co-conspirators. They just don't want to do that to people of color and their political allies. Similar to the cases with ACORN and the violent SEIU. But, in any event the accomplices remain at large.

However, the third question was the real question, sort of: Where was he recruited? While Al Queda is now relying on the decentralized method of guerilla warfare, Zazi was not so different from many decentralized groups in that he did travel to Pakistan to receive training. Some of the 7/7 bombers in the UK traveled to Pakistan for training, most others from other plots in the UK did not, but received trainign from those who did. Zazi appears to be a trainer and organizer. It is unlikely that someone in Denver would be the operational commander of action taken in NYC and it is most likely that the actual intended perpetrators of the terrorist acts themselves are still at large.

But back to the real question, not so much where he was recruited, but who put him in contact with those in the know. It is clear that Zazi had the motivation and hatred of the U.S. and we made no effort to keep him out of the U.S. There was no attempt to screen him or his father for hatred of the U.S. during the legal immigration process.

It appears that the center of the conspiracy is the imam of the mosque he attended in NYC is the recruiter and organizer of the action; Ahmad Wais Afzali, who is also a double agent, serving as an informant to the NYPD. In this position he misdirected law enforcement activity away from the real plots and at hapless crazies not involved or provided essentially useless information to the authorities. Or maybe he just served as connection to the "community." Of course the NYPD, the FBI, and law enforcement in general are all about making contact with mosque leaders, but usually the information flow is one way, to the jihadis.

It works like this: A Muslim agent or officer, himself a likely subject for either recruitment or being a double agent, contacts the mosque leader and offers assistance on issues ranging from parking to hate crimes to membership on an advisory committee. In return he asks about radicals. The leader misdirects the officer or agent to some loner radical, probably mentally defective or a poor security risk for the real terrorists. Law enforcement spends many useless hours tracking those they were misdirected to. Or perhaps they are for real, perhaps a self created cell that could bring the heat down on the real plot, so they are a sacrifice. Sometimes it is all a game and those who were identified by the mosque leader are in on it and have lawyers and counter surveillance ready similar to the case where the ACLU spied on CIA agents. Here you get a bonus, ostensibly innocent Muslims spied upon by the government. Then the Muslims are able to get a financial award from the courts.

But the real question in the end is why are these people here in the first place. The bearded Zazi and Afzali should have never been allowed into the U.S. in the first place. Zazi's father, Mohammed Wali Zazi, is a more interesting question. He most likely entered the U.S. many more years ago, perhaps claiming oppression from the Soviets or the Taliban, and he doesn't wear a beard. Perhaps he did that purposely, but it is also likely he just became more of a Muslim while in the U.S., radicalized in the process at a Wahabbi mosque. The imam probably came to the U.S. on a R visa for religious workers.

We are literally commiting suicide by immigration.

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