Thursday, September 3, 2009

Political Prosecution

Perhaps you were under the illusion that the Department of Justice (DOJ was in the business of prosecuting criminals in a professional and unpolitical way. Perish the thought.

The politically motivated persecution of Sheriff Joe Arpaio is just one example of the reality behind the DOJ. The most important and overwhelming factor in the Obama DOJ is politics. Just like Andrey Januaryevich Vyshinskiy and his master Stalin, all prosectutions are political. All of the major decisions by the Obama DOJ have been motivated by politics.

First the decision to abjectly surrender on the already successful prosecution of the Philidelphia Black Panthers, the decision to prosecute CIA agents after prosecution had been previously declined, the decision not to prosecute Governor Bill Richardson, the decision to add 50 attorneys to the misnamed Civil Rights Division while claiming that racism is rampant in the U.S., the attack on Sergeant James Crowley, it is all based on politics, not justice. The Obama Regime is approaching Stalin levels of political prosecution.

It is very important that every reader know that such decisions flow downward to United States Attorney's Offices (USAO). Perhaps you don't pay all your taxes. Usually that is not prosecuted in federal court, as there are too many who cheat. Usually those are left to the IRS to solve administratively, but you can soon expect that local USAOs will soon be seeking out cases based on lists of political opponents from or voter registration roles. Do you all remember IRS audits of the NRA and other groups that opposed the Clintong Regime? Obama has stepped things up. Companies and corporations that donate to conservative causes or Republican candidates can soon expect agressive attack from the DOJ Civil Rights Division and local USAOs for racial discrimination if they don't have the exact number of minorities in proportion to the local population or national population, which ever is worse for the company. Eric Holder has an agressive plan for racial quotas. He also is an opponent of English and will hunting down state and local governments who don't provide services in Somali and Spanish. Local governments run by Republicans will soon feel the impact of lawsuits from the DOJ to force them to provide every service in an assortment of languages at huge expense and a subsidy to the Demoncrat Party who will provide the translators.

Nothing in this Regime is not political, that is the lesson of Obama's communist inspired Alinsky radicalism. All is political. And the DOJ is now the sharp end of the spear pointed at Obama's opponents.

If you thought you would be safe from the Obama Regime, just wait until you come to their attention.

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