Thursday, September 17, 2009

Proxy Marriages, The Next Islamist Fraud

The radical left likes to use hard cases, or sympathetic ones to push their anti-American agenda and the current sob-story du jour is no different. This involves a Marine killed in Iraq who's Japanese wife and child are in legal limbo.

But let us first deal with the cause of the brughaha: Sgt. Michael Ferschke engaged in a year of pre-marital sex and had a child out of wedlock. That is shameful behavior for a Seargeant of the United States Marine Corps. While there may be alot of recreational sex by Marines, when you shack up with a girl and have a child, there is no excuse not to get married. As they say, the wages of sin are legion. And here we have it, if Sgt. Ferschke had done the honorable thing and got married before he had a child, much less spent a year banging the same chick, there would be no problem.

Now the liberals want to solve this small problem by changing the laws on marriage and immigration. The Department of Homeland Security is a strange beast. It currently ignores the laws that prohibit the immigration of aliens who engage in sham marriages and poligamy. Muslims already hear are also free to engage in polygamy and no effort to stop this is made by DHS.

But in an effort to solve the above problem caused by the dishonorable behavior of Sgt. Ferschke, the radical left wants to legalize proxy weddings. DHS has already succumbed to other attempts at marriage fraud by radical Islam and now allows fiance visas (K-1) for Muslims who have never even met their future bride(s). Now the radical left wants to legalize weddings where the bride and groom never meet. This will aid not only marriage fraud in general, but will specifically assist radical Muslims bringing multiple wives to the U.S.

Thanks Sergeant. Thanks alot.

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