Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ray LaHood Is A Racist

The Department of Transportation is on a anti-drunk driving binge and he apparently thinks that white people are the problem. The DOT commercials are all over the place and all the drunks on the commercials are white. A few of the well dressed cops are black, but it appears that the racist Ray LaHood hates white people and thinks they are all drunks. Perhaps this is a case of projection, but in reality Hispanics and blacks are more likely to drive drunk, especially Hispanics.

So like the FBI, who apparently think that Hispanics can be victims of hate crimes, but not perpetrators, the DOT is on an anti-white propoganda campaign with you in its sights. Like the hate crimes bill, drunk driving laws are designed to put more white people in jail, searching for the Great White Defendant. But the reality is that drunk driving is a Hispanic problem. But Ray LaHood just hates white people and wants to suck Obama's cock.

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