Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Seriously Now

The San Francisco Chronicle is not a serious newspaper and will soon be going bankrupt. It has done some good work on local immigration issues related to illegal alien criminality, but in general is a cheerleaders for all that is immigrant related diversity, all aside from its main duty of promoting homosexuality.

It tries to be hip and cool, the millenial of newspapers, but is failing badly. This too hip, too cool for school attitude does tend to bad journalism.

Today it took a funny look at a burglary at a city office, the Department of Public Health's Vital Records Office. Yeah, the office that issues birth certificates. You would think that would be a serious issue, but it was amusing for the ever-hip Chron. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/cityinsider/index?

It spun the story as an attempt to get drugs. But the only thing take was some petty cash and all the special paper used to produce birth certificates. The equally clueless city official responding to the Chron reporter speculated, yes, speculated incredulously that maybe they were going to forge birth certificates.

Well, duh, that is what a certain group of criminals, called forgers, do. Birth certificates are valuable items, but given the disrespect the Chron exhibits for citizenship, the only contribution one can make to citizenship for them is diversity, I am not surprised.

The Chron cannot be taken seriously as a newspaper when reporting crime and its support for amnesty and diversity show it cannot be taken seriously when discussing issues of deadly seriousness to America.

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