Friday, September 4, 2009


The Phoenix Business Journal has vindicated my observation that the new DHS enforcement strategy of criminally prosecuting employers of illegal aliens is a farce. (h/t Stein Report

I have previously exposed the new DHS policy of targeting employers for criminal prosecution rather than concentrate on civil fines of employers and arresting the illegals. I pointed out that criminal prosecution is inheritantly more difficult and time consuming, and therefore less effective in discouraging illegal immigration.

Well, even Sheriff Joe Arpaio has indirectly endoresed my observations. He stated the obvious:

"Arpaio said it is tough to prove businesses knowingly hire illegal immigrants who show fake IDs, but will arrest suspected workers during the raids. 'It’s hard to hook the employer,' Arpaio said." [emphasis mine]

It is hard, it is the hardest thing to prove something beyond a reasonable doubt, but much easier to remove an illegal alien or prosecute an illegal for identity theft.

This revelation from the Phoenix Business Journal vindicates my observation that the new DHS policy of criminal prosecutions is bound to fail and is therefore designed to enable illegal aliens to remain in the U.S. to await the upcoming amnesty.

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