Friday, September 11, 2009

Why Edwin Ramos Will Go Free

The black District Attorney for the City and County of San Francisco, Kamala Harris, has decided, allegedly after agonizing decision process despite her campaign pledge never to seek a death sentence, not to seek the death penalty for the illegal alien gangbanger Edwin Ramos who killed Tony Bologna and two of his sons, wounding a third son who survived and has testified against Ramos in preliminary hearings.

Many think that the death penalty is too expensive and life in prison is enough. However, they dissemble, as life in prison lasts only as long as the life of the most important witness.

Perhaps you remember the life sentence to Elmer Geronimo Pratt, the Black Panther who killed Caroline Olsen and shot her husband, Kenneth Olsen, who survived and was the star witness against Pratt.

However, Johnnie Cochran and other red lawyers waited until Kenneth Olsen died, then filed a series of appeals that led to the conviction being overturned because another witness in the case was an undisclosed FBI informant.

The key to free Pratt was centered on Kenneth Olsen, because he identified Pratt as one of the two men who shot him and his wife. After Kenneth Olsen was dead, the fix was in. Gil Garcetti, the ambitious Los Angeles District Attorney appealed to the California Court of Appeals, and lost at the first appellate level, but failed to continue the appeal to the California Supreme Court. He more importantly refused to retry the case, claiming it was impossible since Kenneth Olsen, the star witness, was dead.

But, like Pratt, Ramos claims that someone else that he knows committed the murders, but that person is conveniently missing. Pratt has similarly claimed that two dead Panthers committed the murder.

Harris claims that Ramos will die in prison: 'Harris said outside court that her office will do everything it can to make sure Ramos "dies in prison for these horrific crimes."'

As with Pratt though, Ramos' lifetime sentence will probably be only as long as the surviving Bologna son survives. Once he is dead, Ramos will undoubtedly claim some absurd behavior by cops or whoever, and demand a new trial, a trial that will be impossible with a dead eyewitness.

So, in order to pander to the illegal alien community, Harris is ensuring that Ramos will be out of prison sooner or later by making sure Ramos will have a few years of free meals and weightlifting equipment.


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You're a racist, bigoted and uninformed poser. No "federal agent" would be permitted to have a blog spot like this. If you don't like who you are, change yourself. But don't affect a phony identification to enhance credibility that you haven't earned. Now, let's see if you keep this comment on the site.

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