Monday, October 5, 2009

An Amnesty Slush Fund

The Obama Regime has apparently decided to impose a fee on visitors from wealthy countries in order to fund an amnesty propoganda campaign. (h/t National Review

At first look it just appears to one of the many corporate welfare programs that bipartisanship seems to love, but there is a deeper evil behind this.

First, it just adds another distraction to the Department of Homeland Security from protecting us, to encouraging aliens to come to the U.S. Now DHS is working at cross purposes. As a front for the travel industry it is encouraging aliens to come to the U.S. while its raison d'etre though is to keep aliens out, both those coming in violation of law, those who are criminals, and those who want to destroy us. Just as I described Obama's new campaign to welcome illegals, now we, or more precisely, Europeans, Aussies, Kiwis, and Japanese will be paying for it.

Second, what will be the real purpose of this advertising campaign? Will it be like the milk or beef generic advertisements that benefit big corporations over the small producers? Hertz over the smaller rental agencies? United over Southwest? Who knows. But most likely it will devolve into an ACORN, LULAC and Mecha led propoganda campaign against immigration law enforcement. Already the travel agency lobby and real estate lobby vigorously oppose immigration law enforcement and it is likely that they will add to calls for amnesty and opening the floodgates with more visas for the third world, terrorists included, as they spend money on travel, including rental cars. Just ask Najibullah Zazi, the terrorist who rented a car and drove cross country from Denver to NYC and back. Great for the travel industy, but not good for the health of Americans and small children.

But sooner or later DHS will have to decide whether it exists to protect America or to fatten corporate coffers. I will bet that more dead Americans will be DHS' ultimate choice.

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