Thursday, October 15, 2009

Another Fix Is In

The communist federal judge hearing the lawsuit against heterosexual marriage monogamy in California, Vaughn Walker, is going to declare all legislation mandating heterosexual marriage monogamy unconstitutional. He is going to claim that the law that restored heterosexual marriage monogamy unconstitutional. He will claim it is motivated by hate. This will go down as follows. Soon he will come down with his decision. Then Jerry Brown, California Attorney General, and Arnold Schwartzenkennedy, the Governor, will refuse to appeal, just as Governor Gray Davis refused to appeal a federal court decision on California's Proposition 187, that restricted benefits to illegal aliens. That folks is how things are done around here. The fix is in. The only silver lining in this is that it will put cultural issues back on the front burner in 2010 and 2012. Walker let his intent show when he refused to dismiss the case and then demanded that private organizations turn over their email to the homosexual groups and the City and County of San Francisco that have filed suit against Proposition 8, the heterosexual monogamy marriage amendment to the California Constitution. There is no basis for any constitutional claim against prohibitions on polygamy and same sex marriage. Neither our Founding Fathers nor the white heterosexual men who wrote the 14th Amendment supported homosexuality or polygamy. All were openly opposed to both deviancies and both were common law crimes throughout the United States. Of course both Governor Schwartzenkennedy and AG Brown are Catholics and have not yet been excommunicated by the Catholic Church. Just why are the Cardinals and Bishops of the Church in California tolerating this crime?

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